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Daniela Sartori in Buenos Aires

Daniela Sartori

Tres Arroyos 663, Buenos Aires 1416

One of the most decorated designers of Argentina, Daniela Sartori offers edgy, attractive pieces that are sure to catch the eye. 

Best Known For: Argentina made and designed fashion

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Juli Santini in Buenos Aires

Juli Santini

Av. Santa Fe 1615 5j, Buenos Aires 1763

Juli Santini loves pastels, who loves to bring them to all customers.

Best Known For: Sweetie Clothes, Lingerie and Handmade Brides

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Sieben in Buenos Aires


Costa Rica 5175 , Buenos Aires 1414

Sieben feels, is aware and beats with the arriving times. Vibrates in accordance with the future and expresses it in its designs.

Best Known For: Cool and global designs

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Margie Franzini Shoes in Buenos Aires

Margie Franzini Shoes

Uruguay 1276- Recoleta, Buenos Aires 1016

On-trend, feminine and happy shoes, comfortable and hand made, you will love your Margie's.

Best Known For: urban, trendy hand made leather Shoes

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Coragroppo in Buenos Aires


El Salvador 4657, Buenos Aires 1425

Amazing concept store int the heart of Palermo Viejo. Minimalist.

Best Known For: Unique design

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BLANC in Buenos Aires


Arenales 1239, Buenos Aires 1061

BLANC's goal is to design and manufacture creative but timeless, well-made products that stand out for themselves. 

Best Known For: Handbags, shoes, clothing and decor

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Nada de Santa in Buenos Aires

Nada de Santa

Sinclair 3026, Buenos Aires 1425

 Nada de Santa loves women who love wearing creative designs! Welcome ladies!

Best Known For: Lovely and creative author designs

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Thames 1733, Buenos Aires 1414

Conceived as a designer label. Simple luxury knitwear under procedure of just trade. Company based in Argentina, Buenos Aires


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NAHIA  in Buenos Aires


Lerma 202, Buenos Aires 1414

Nahia is a brand that focuses on assessing each woman. In the perfect essence of womanhood, we excel in providing exclusivity.

Best Known For: Fashion, art for exclusive women.

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Companiadesombreros in Buenos Aires


Jorge Luis Borges 2089, Buenos Aires 1425

Largest variety of hats you can find. Enjoy our boutique and feel unique!

Best Known For: Quality Fashion Hats

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Julieta Grana in Buenos Aires

Julieta Grana

Bonpland 1911, Buenos Aires 1414

Julieta Grana's timeless and unique designs are all about details and perfection.

Best Known For: Timeless collections of simple and pure lines, with minimal influences

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Cherry Bomb in Buenos Aires

Cherry Bomb

Arenales 1603, Buenos Aires 1061

Cherry Bomb rules the style with unique designs!

Best Known For: Chic & trendy shoes and clothing.

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MANTO in Buenos Aires



Manto creates experiences where art, design, and ancient techniques meet, relate and merge within a context of sensibility and mutual respect.

Best Known For: Weaving inspiration in art and design.

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TORINI BAGS in Buenos Aires


Honduras 4656 , Buenos Aires 1414

Torini Bags delights women with its unique designs, obsession for details and passion for colours. Chic & fabolous handbags!

Best Known For: High quality handbags locally made from premium Argentine leather

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Iskin Sisters in Buenos Aires

Iskin Sisters

Arenales 1561, Buenos Aires 1602

Jewels to entice, provoke and seduce with their clever combination of art and design. Dress yourself up in the best with Iskin.

Best Known For: Contemporary Jewelry, Designer Jewelry, Bags, Accessories, Home Décor

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CaroSosa in Buenos Aires


Guemes 4246 2D, Buenos Aires 1425

CaroSosa is a brand of woven garments, dedicated to sustainable design and handmade producing of its clothing.

Best Known For: Knitwear

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Enbabia in Buenos Aires


Guido 1976, Buenos Aires 1119

Distinctive details that make you and your outfit special: thoughtful designed and created with passion & love.

Best Known For: Details & fashion lovers

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MURHS in Buenos Aires


Almte Onofre Betbeder 1429, Buenos Aires 1429

We are inspired by urban-driven & classic design and in the responsible selection of the finest Argentinian leather.

Best Known For: Unique & Stylish Handmade Shoes

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Agustina Toledo in Buenos Aires

Agustina Toledo

Malabia 1633, Buenos Aires 1414

Agustina Toledo is a brand based upon a strong belief that luxury takes time. Our products are hand made with metals & finest textiles.

Best Known For: Handmade evening dresses with boho feel

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Tibetanostore in Buenos Aires


Helguera 650, Buenos Aires 1406

Established in 2002 the owners created a unique boutique that offers chic, romantic and easy wearing models for real women.

Best Known For: Real clothes for real women

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Kenall in Buenos Aires


Arenales 1239, Buenos Aires 1061

Kenall has irresistibly unique designs, accessorized with buckles and details made from horn, alpaca or bamboo, stylish and chic!

Best Known For: Exclusive handbags for a woman who desires to be unique.

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C'est Fini in Buenos Aires

C'est Fini

Cabello 3671, Buenos Aires 1425

C'est Fini designs shoes in perfect balance with comfort, originality and trend. An every day use shoe with top handmade quality.

Best Known For: Shoes & Bags designers

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Loló by Lucrecia Yahbes in Buenos Aires

Loló by Lucrecia Yahbes

Charcas 3896 , Buenos Aires C1425BNB

Lolo dresses women with personality who want to feel feminine, elegant and authentic.

Best Known For: Women´s clothing

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Bel Carril in Buenos Aires

Bel Carril

Murature 583, Buenos Aires 1642

Bel Carril loves shoes and life and we love what we do.

Best Known For: Design and handmade shoes

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Atelier B.A. in Buenos Aires

Atelier B.A.

Arevalo 2005, Buenos Aires 1414

Dresses, blouses, blazers and pants. Noble fabrics and impeccable craftsmanship is what Atelier Buenos Aires about. Cool and timeless styles.

Best Known For: The new B.A. store everyone is talking about.

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Jessica Kessel in Buenos Aires

Jessica Kessel

1009 Defensa St., Buenos Aires 1065

Curvilinear, timeless leather pieces for unique women of all ages who focus on style, quality and comfort.

Best Known For: Luxury Argentinian handcrafted leather shoes

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