Amanda Jayne Shoes


16 Cross Street, Monmouthshire NP7 5EW

(0)1873 857209

Amanda Jayne is an independent and exclusive ladies shoe boutique specialising in beautiful handcrafted Italian shoes and accessories.

Best Known For: Shoes and Accessories

Boutique Owner: Amanda Knight

Pretty Pink Sandal Pretty Pink Sandal
Pretty Pink Sandal
$189 $169
    Slider In Pink Grey Slider In Pink Grey
      Edith Pump Edith Pump
      Edith Pump
      $189 $130
        Nigella Pump Nigella Pump
          Copper Strappy Sandal Copper Strappy Sandal
            Elegant Heeled Pump Elegant Heeled Pump
              Elegant White Sandal Elegant White Sandal
                Practical Wedge Sandal Practical Wedge Sandal
                  Burnished Bronze Sandal Burnished Bronze Sandal
                    Cobalt Blue Flat Cobalt Blue Flat
                      Leather Block-Heel Sandal Leather Block-Heel Sandal
                        Grey Stiletto Bootie Grey Stiletto Bootie
                          Black Platform Pump Black Platform Pump
                            Red Leather Bootie Red Leather Bootie
                              Burgundy Suede Bootie Burgundy Suede Bootie
                                Elegant Gold Slingback Elegant Gold Slingback
                                  Red Stiletto Red Stiletto
                                    Gold Stiletto Gold Stiletto
                                      Red Classic Court Heel Red Classic Court Heel
                                        Italian Chic Boot Italian Chic Boot
                                        Italian Chic Boot
                                        $216 $188
                                          Black Patent Chelsea Black Patent Chelsea
                                            Black Lace-Up Bootie Black Lace-Up Bootie
                                              Black Knee-High Boot Black Knee-High Boot
                                                Classic Tan Bootie Classic Tan Bootie
                                                  Classic Elegant Pump Classic Elegant Pump
                                                    Exquisite Red Pump Exquisite Red Pump
                                                    Exquisite Red Pump
                                                    $233 $173
                                                      Stunning Italian Bootie Stunning Italian Bootie
                                                        High Heeled Elegance High Heeled Elegance
                                                          Navy Elegant Shoe Navy Elegant Shoe
                                                            Shimmering Copper Pump Shimmering Copper Pump
                                                              Shimmery Snakeprint Pump Shimmery Snakeprint Pump
                                                                T Bar Stiletto T Bar Stiletto
                                                                  Sumptuous Suede Shoe Sumptuous Suede Shoe
                                                                    Black Evening Shoe Black Evening Shoe
                                                                    Black Evening Shoe
                                                                    $194 $163
                                                                      Lightweight Navy Boot Lightweight Navy Boot
                                                                        Black Enrica Bootie Black Enrica Bootie
                                                                          Stylish Ankle Boot Stylish Ankle Boot
                                                                          Stylish Ankle Boot
                                                                          $233 $184
                                                                            Italian Ankle Boot Italian Ankle Boot
                                                                              Sparkly Two-Tone Wedge Sparkly Two-Tone Wedge
                                                                                Quilted Chelsea Boot Quilted Chelsea Boot
                                                                                  Chestnut Ankle Boot Chestnut Ankle Boot
                                                                                    Comfortable Black Pump Comfortable Black Pump
                                                                                      Red Stiletto Red Stiletto
                                                                                        Black Stiletto Black Stiletto
                                                                                          Lace Up Bootie Lace Up Bootie
                                                                                          Lace Up Bootie
                                                                                          $208 $162
                                                                                            Leather Loafer Leather Loafer
                                                                                            Leather Loafer
                                                                                            $194 $157
                                                                                              Green Leather Stiletto Green Leather Stiletto
                                                                                                Blue Suede Shoe Blue Suede Shoe
                                                                                                  Blue Brogue Blue Brogue
                                                                                                  Blue Brogue
                                                                                                  $204 $167
                                                                                                    Leather Brogue Leather Brogue
                                                                                                    Leather Brogue
                                                                                                    $194 $136
                                                                                                      Pointy Toe Stiletto Pointy Toe Stiletto
                                                                                                        Elegant Pump Elegant Pump
                                                                                                          Leather Stiletto Pump Leather Stiletto Pump
                                                                                                            Elegant Suede Loafer Elegant Suede Loafer