Athena's Fashion Boutique


1024 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis, Indiana 46203

(317) 432-2888

We provide women of all shapes and sizes with clothing choices outside the department store norms of fashion.

Best Known For: Women's Clothing and Accessories

Boutique Owner: Athena Chaillaux

Coral Lace Tunic Coral Lace Tunic
    Floral Navy Tank Floral Navy Tank
      Polka Dot Tank Polka Dot Tank
        Color Block Tee Color Block Tee
          Mustard Bird Dress Mustard Bird Dress
            Green Pattern Shirt Green Pattern Shirt
              Stripe Bow Tank Stripe Bow Tank
                Black Terrier Dress Black Terrier Dress
                  White Bow Shirt White Bow Shirt
                    Brown Aztec Sweater Brown Aztec Sweater
                      Beach Bangle
                        Dog Bracelet
                          Blue Tree Dress Blue Tree Dress
                            Pattern Mini Skirt Pattern Mini Skirt
                              Gray Mini Skirt Gray Mini Skirt
                                Blue Ruffle Dress Blue Ruffle Dress
                                  Charcoal Stripe Dress Charcoal Stripe Dress
                                    Gray Stripe Tunic Gray Stripe Tunic
                                      Navy Floral Dress Navy Floral Dress
                                        Black Trees Dress Black Trees Dress
                                          Gray Tieback Tank Gray Tieback Tank
                                            Blue Stripe Blazer Blue Stripe Blazer
                                              Gray Floral Shirt Gray Floral Shirt
                                                Pink Embroidered Shirt Pink Embroidered Shirt
                                                  Maroon Tee Maroon Tee
                                                    Green Sheer Tank Green Sheer Tank
                                                      Black Leaf Tank Black Leaf Tank
                                                      Black Leaf Tank
                                                      $20 $15
                                                        Gumball Graphic Tank Gumball Graphic Tank
                                                          Turquoise Babydoll Tank Turquoise Babydoll Tank
                                                            Mint Cocktail Dress Mint Cocktail Dress
                                                              Tie Dye Tank Tie Dye Tank
                                                                Best Hamburgers Tank Best Hamburgers Tank
                                                                  White Polka Dot Dress White Polka Dot Dress
                                                                    Rockin' Black Wristlet
                                                                      Mustard Bangle Set
                                                                        Bronze Drop Earrings
                                                                          Polka Dot Dress Polka Dot Dress
                                                                            Turquoise Pocket Shirt Turquoise Pocket Shirt
                                                                              Black Anchor Tee Black Anchor Tee
                                                                                Baseball Tee Dress Baseball Tee Dress
                                                                                  Red Dangle Earrings Red Dangle Earrings
                                                                                    Black Jeweled Dress Black Jeweled Dress
                                                                                      Circus Elephant Tank Circus Elephant Tank
                                                                                        Walking Bears Tank Walking Bears Tank
                                                                                          Hollywood Graphic Tank Hollywood Graphic Tank
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