New Jersey

1203 3rd Ave, Spring Lake, New Jersey 07762

(848) 469-8447

Barefoot provides a variety of high-quality, fashion-forward athleisure apparel for any woman to live a comfortably, confident life.

Best Known For: Women's Clothing and Accessories

Boutique Owner: Ali Keating

Evil Eye Pullover
    Chakras Sutra Tank Chakras Sutra Tank
      Essential Legging Essential Legging
        Y Back Bra Y Back Bra
          X-Marked Legging X-Marked Legging
            Origin Modal T-Shirt Origin Modal T-Shirt
              Indian Roses Legging Indian Roses Legging
                Dry Fit Tank Dry Fit Tank
                  Asphalt Cap Sleeve Top Asphalt Cap Sleeve Top
                    Cloudscape Legging Cloudscape Legging
                      Rebel Soul Bomber Rebel Soul Bomber
                        Namaste Striped Hoodie Namaste Striped Hoodie
                          Native Bird Hoodie Native Bird Hoodie
                            Desert Soul Rocker Desert Soul Rocker
                              Hamsa Shirt Hamsa Shirt
                                Hacci Varsity Zip Hacci Varsity Zip
                                  Pocket Mesh Legging Pocket Mesh Legging
                                    Rogue Pullover
                                      Air Racer Tank Air Racer Tank
                                        Combat Legging Combat Legging
                                          Muscle Tank Muscle Tank
                                            Forge Legging Forge Legging
                                              Lustrous Legging Lustrous Legging
                                                X Impact Pant