CarefulPeach Boutique


1024 North Boulevard, Oak Park, Illinois 60301

(708) 383-3066

CarefulPeach Boutique is Oak Park's own little piece of Paris. With a carefully curated blend of vintage and new items for the happy home and body, the Peach has something special for everyone.

Best Known For: Sophistication and charm

Boutique Owner: Karen Morava

Amsara Ink Tote Amsara Ink Tote
    Oakpark Bamboo Board Oakpark Bamboo Board
      French Baroque Coloringbook
        Warm Embers Candle Warm Embers Candle
          Yellow Merde Umbrella Yellow Merde Umbrella
            Grey Frankie Satchel
              Pink Merde Umbrella Pink Merde Umbrella
                Apple Tree Pin
                  Quartz & Pyrite Necklace
                    Green Merde Umbrella Green Merde Umbrella
                      Red Merde Umbrella Red Merde Umbrella
                        Love Gift Tray
                          Thank You Tray
                            Friendship Gift Tray Friendship Gift Tray
                              Swedish Martini Candle
                                Cloudberry Candle
                                  Starry Night Candle
                                    Forest Floor Candle
                                      Sensitive Body Butter
                                        Blackberry Body Butter
                                          Opal Basil Candle
                                            Hair/body Oil
                                              Olive Gentle Soap Olive Gentle Soap
                                                Gentle Honey Soap
                                                  Honey Shower Nectar
                                                    Honey Hand Cream Honey Hand Cream
                                                      Honey Sugar Scrub Honey Sugar Scrub
                                                        Honey Body Milk Honey Body Milk
                                                          Chevalier Wall Art
                                                            Botanical Shadows Scarf
                                                              Peapod Stud Earrings Peapod Stud Earrings
                                                                5-Pearl Peapod Necklace 5-Pearl Peapod Necklace
                                                                  4-Pearl Peapod Necklace 4-Pearl Peapod Necklace
                                                                    1-Pearl Peapod Necklace 1-Pearl Peapod Necklace
                                                                      X O Charm
                                                                      X O Charm
                                                                        Leather Mahogany Candle
                                                                          Birch Rosemary Candle
                                                                            Siberian Cypress Candle
                                                                              Portuguese Olive Candle
                                                                                Smoked Oak Candle