Charmed by JLM


8311 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11209

(718) 921-1055

Stop by Charmed to snag your choosing of the best jewelry, accessories, handbags and so much more!

Best Known For: Jewelry, Accessories and Gifts

Boutique Owner: Jeanine, Lisa and Melissa

Wrap Necklace Wrap Necklace
    Tortoise Link Necklace Tortoise Link Necklace
      Pearl Teardrop Pendant Pearl Teardrop Pendant
        Straw Mini Tote Straw Mini Tote
          Stripe Chiffon Vest Stripe Chiffon Vest
            Metallic Straw Panama
              Printed Poncho Printed Poncho
                Anchors Away Scarf Anchors Away Scarf
                  Dragon Fly Scarf Dragon Fly Scarf
                    Boho Beaded Bracelet Boho Beaded Bracelet
                      Crystal Lariat Crystal Lariat
                        Stone Pendant Necklace Stone Pendant Necklace
                          Swirl Print Scarf Swirl Print Scarf
                            Flora Print Scarf Flora Print Scarf
                              Textured Wrap Scarf Textured Wrap Scarf
                                Black Zig Zag Bracelet Black Zig Zag Bracelet
                                  Tassel Wrap Bracelet Tassel Wrap Bracelet
                                    Square Bangle Square Bangle
                                      Monogram Pearl Bracelet Monogram Pearl Bracelet
                                        Monogram Pearl Necklace Monogram Pearl Necklace
                                          Diva Wristlet
                                            Brooklyn Wine Tote