Coki Bijoux Fine Jewelry

Kansas City

115 W 18th Street, Suite 105, Kansas City, Missouri 64108

(816) 914-3468

 In all my work, I try to create something that is unique and original to the person wearing it.

Best Known For: Handmade French inspired jewelry

Boutique Owner: Coki Reardon

Bronze Hoops Bronze Hoops
    Sterling Silver Bangles Sterling Silver Bangles
      Steel Key Necklace Steel Key Necklace
        Noir Bee Necklace Noir Bee Necklace
          3D Cube Necklace 3D Cube Necklace
            Black Crystal Necklace Black Crystal Necklace
              Bronze Circle Necklace Bronze Circle Necklace
                French Key Necklace French Key Necklace
                  Bronze Bangles
                    Bronze Bee Necklace Bronze Bee Necklace