Di Angela Leather & Accessories

New York

140 Main St., Greenport, New York 11944

(631) 477-1142

Di Angela Leather deals in a variety of handbags, jewelry, shoes, sandals, belts, wallets, jackets, gloves, hats and sunglasses... among many other things.

Best Known For: Bag, Accessories, Jewelry and Gifts

Boutique Owner: Patty Carlos

Facile-Top Travel Kit
    Microfiber Backpack
      Rfid Cross-Body Bag
        Multi-Zip Cross-Body Bag
          Under Arm Portfolio
            Uma Hobo Bag
            Uma Hobo Bag
              Microfiber Everyday Tote
                Oval Post Earrings
                  Pave Post-Clip Earrings Pave Post-Clip Earrings
                    Turtle Clip Earrings
                      Two-Strand Bracelet
                        Large Wire-Cuff Aqua
                          Post-Clip Pave Earrings
                            Seahorse Pave Necklace Seahorse Pave Necklace
                              Seashell Pave Necklace Seashell Pave Necklace
                                Large Wire-Cuff Peridot
                                  Seashell Charm Necklace
                                    Satchel Leopard-Print Leather
                                      Croco-Leather Office Bag Croco-Leather Office Bag
                                        Croco Zip-Around Wallet
                                          Croco Crossbody Bag
                                            Zip Hobo Bag
                                            Zip Hobo Bag
                                              Saddle Cross-Body Bag
                                                Leather Leopard Backpack
                                                  Leopard Leather Crossbody
                                                    Zip-Around Leopard Wallet
                                                      Quilted Leather Gloves Quilted Leather Gloves
                                                        Leather Cross-Body Bag Leather Cross-Body Bag
                                                          Leather Shoulder Bag
                                                            Leather Hobo Bag Leather Hobo Bag
                                                              Ladies Leather Gloves
                                                                Quilted Leather Gloves
                                                                  Ladies Leather Gloves
                                                                    Leather Tote Bag
                                                                    Leather Tote Bag
                                                                    • +
                                                                      Rfid Bifold Wallet
                                                                        Microfiber Messenger Bag
                                                                          Leather Organizer Backpack
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