Fiddleheads Home & Garden


126 W First St, Port Angeles, Washington State 98362

(360) 452-2114

Depend on Fiddleheads Home & Garden for a naturally beautiful, vintage­ inspired collection of gifts, furnishings and decor for your home and garden.

Best Known For: Home Decor, Art and Gifts

Boutique Owner: Brenda Hanrahan Waterman

Small Glass Float
    Blue Glass Float
      White Wall Clip
        Mouse Card Holder
          Enamelware Soap Dish Enamelware Soap Dish
            Close Gate Sign Close Gate Sign
              Bird Letter Holder Bird Letter Holder
                Jewelry Stand W/bird
                  Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener
                    Cement Bird Cement Bird
                    Cement Bird
                      Mint-Leaf Cardamom Candle
                        Blue Sage-Lavender Candle
                          Applewood & Amber Candle Applewood & Amber Candle
                            Black Gold Wall Clip
                              Vanilla-Bean & Myrrh Candle
                                Rosemary Sea-Salt Candle
                                  Mint-Leaf Cardamom Candle
                                    Meyer-Lemon Travel Candle
                                      Kalanchoe Succulent
                                        Brown Bird Hook
                                          Blue Bird Hook Blue Bird Hook
                                            Silver-Colored Hourglass
                                              Resin Distressed Bird
                                                Resin Distressed Bird
                                                  Green Pewter Bowl
                                                    Market List Notepad
                                                      Cast-Iron Bird Opener
                                                        Grey Pewter Bowl
                                                          White Pewter Bowl
                                                            Sea Glass Candle
                                                              Fig & Poppy Candle
                                                                Pink-Lined Succulent Pink-Lined Succulent
                                                                  Forest 4-Pack Votive
                                                                    Spicy Apple 4-Pack Votives
                                                                      Spicy Apple Votive
                                                                        Enamelware Soap Dish
                                                                          Tin Caddy
                                                                          Tin Caddy
                                                                            Honey Tobacco Votive
                                                                              Forest Botanica Candle Forest Botanica Candle
                                                                                Spicy Apple Candle
                                                                                  Roman Lavender Candle
                                                                                    Honey Tobacco Candle Honey Tobacco Candle
                                                                                      Beach Daisy Candle
                                                                                        Bottle Opener Bottle Opener
                                                                                        Bottle Opener
                                                                                          Lucky Horse Shoe
                                                                                            Whoopie! Cream Jar
                                                                                              Fluffy Bunny Lotion
                                                                                                Cream Lotion Cream Lotion
                                                                                                Cream Lotion
                                                                                                  Mermaid Bottle Opener Mermaid Bottle Opener
                                                                                                    Hand Jewelry Holder Hand Jewelry Holder
                                                                                                      Clip On Stand
                                                                                                      Clip On Stand
                                                                                                        Leaf Dish With Bird
                                                                                                          Blue Glass Vase Blue Glass Vase
                                                                                                            Original Apothecary Candle