Fun And A Lil Chic


114 E. Irving Blvd., Irving, Texas 75060

(214) 274-0295

With clothing & gifts, modern and vintage home decor, furniture, local art, and handcrafted jewelry, Fun and a Lil' Chic Boutique is a positive place where all generations can come and know that every shape and size is welcome.

Best Known For: Local Art & Handcrafted Jewelry

Style Quote: Clothing, Gifts & Home Decor

Boutique Owner: Laurie & Rene

Sedona Romper Dress Sedona Romper Dress
    Catalina Tunic Catalina Tunic
      Racerback Midi Dress Racerback Midi Dress
        Sarabi Shift Tunic Sarabi Shift Tunic
          Tie Dye Dress Tie Dye Dress
            Boho Print Pants Boho Print Pants
              Ruffle Lace Vest Ruffle Lace Vest
                Yeni Palazzo Capri Yeni Palazzo Capri
                  Desert Sand Capri Desert Sand Capri
                    Make Out Tank Make Out Tank
                    Make Out Tank
                      Black Maxi Skirt Black Maxi Skirt
                        Pink Muscle Top Pink Muscle Top
                          Cali Muscle Top Cali Muscle Top
                            Love Wins Top Love Wins Top
                              Free Riders Top Free Riders Top
                                Trimmed Hoodie Poncho Trimmed Hoodie Poncho
                                  Earth Native Dress Earth Native Dress
                                    Disco Trouser Shorts Disco Trouser Shorts
                                      Tribal Vest Tribal Vest
                                        Neon Crop Top Neon Crop Top
                                          Lace Bodycon Dress Lace Bodycon Dress
                                            Embroidered Shift Dress Embroidered Shift Dress
                                              Olive Capri Pants Olive Capri Pants
                                                Bandage Mini Skirt Bandage Mini Skirt
                                                  Vegan Leather Skirt Vegan Leather Skirt
                                                    Baby Doll Dress Baby Doll Dress
                                                    Baby Doll Dress
                                                    $54 $35.10
                                                      Indigo Skinny Jeans Indigo Skinny Jeans
                                                        Fringed Denim Shorts Fringed Denim Shorts
                                                          Studded Cobalt Shorts Studded Cobalt Shorts
                                                            Quilted Couture Top Quilted Couture Top