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500 Main St, Buffalo, New York 14202

(716) 381-8275

Our mission is to ensure that customers find a wide variety of products with fair pricing that will suit the needs of the Furnishings shopper. 

Best Known For: Gifts, Home Decor & Personal Accessories

Boutique Owner: Joe Incao

Haversack Shoulder Bag
    Elliott Toiletries Bag Elliott Toiletries Bag
      Franklin Wallet Franklin Wallet
        Boys Baby Bib
          Girls Baby Bib
            Mustache Coaster Set Mustache Coaster Set
              Animal Baby Bib
                Log Travel Pillows
                  Moire Coaster Set Moire Coaster Set
                    Kiss Emoji Pillow
                      Smile Emoji Pillow
                        Anatomical Water Bottle
                          Anatomical Apron Organs Anatomical Apron Organs
                            Tattoo Man Doll
                              Tattoo Lady Doll
                                2 Pronged Holder
                                  Pedestal Candle Dish
                                    Gold Tiger Pillow
                                      Anatomical Big Mug
                                        Welcome Pillow
                                          Graphic Love You Pillow
                                            Love You Pillow
                                              Retro Modern Coasters
                                                Nairobi Coaster Set
                                                  Greek Key Coasters