9 West Port, Edinburgh EH1 2JA

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Unconventional, innovative and liberated, Godiva strives against the soul sucking monotony of fast food fashion to provide a truly unique alternative.

Best Known For: Offbeat jewellery & womenswear

Boutique Owner: Fleur MacIntosh

Lewis Grey Sweater Lewis Grey Sweater
    Novara Cartridge Bag Novara Cartridge Bag
      Great Gatsby Scarf Great Gatsby Scarf
        Happy Feet Brooch Happy Feet Brooch
          Joie Blouse Joie Blouse
            Jenny Jumper Top Jenny Jumper Top
              Novara Cartridge Bag Novara Cartridge Bag
                Large Flapover Purse Large Flapover Purse
                  Calstone Flapover Bag Calstone Flapover Bag
                    Thin Wire Studs Thin Wire Studs
                      Thin Meteorite Ring Thin Meteorite Ring
                        Meteorite Stud Earrings Meteorite Stud Earrings
                          Long Allied Studs Long Allied Studs
                            Linear Stud Earrings Linear Stud Earrings
                              Lightweight Allied Ring Lightweight Allied Ring
                                Hexagon Stud Earrings Hexagon Stud Earrings
                                  Dot Ring Dot Ring
                                  Dot Ring
                                    Cactus Alpaca Earrings Cactus Alpaca Earrings
                                      Flag Stud Earrings Flag Stud Earrings
                                        Animal Card
                                        Animal Card
                                        • +
                                          Tartan Bunny Rabbit
                                            Lavender Scottie Dog
                                              Jacinda Blouse
                                                Mabel Budgies Dress Mabel Budgies Dress
                                                  Cheetah Brooch Cheetah Brooch
                                                    Graphic Beanie
                                                      Spotty Mittens
                                                        Stella's Starlet Coat Stella's Starlet Coat
                                                          Neve Scarf
                                                            Fawn Scarf
                                                              Anni Scarf
                                                                Panda Family Necklace Panda Family Necklace
                                                                  Black Stripe Dress Black Stripe Dress
                                                                    Turkish Socks