General Store of Minnetonka


14401 Highway 7, Minnetonka, Minnesota 55345

952 935-7131

Featuring Gifts and Goods in Endless Variety!

Best Known For: Gifts and accessories

Boutique Owner: Jenny Putnam

Lay N Go Traveler Bag
    Denim Jacket Denim Jacket
      Need A Day T-Shirt Need A Day T-Shirt
        Happy T-Shirt Happy T-Shirt
          Arrow Heart Necklace Arrow Heart Necklace
            Tri Metal Necklace Tri Metal Necklace
              Arrow Bracelet Arrow Bracelet
                Anchor Tote Bag Anchor Tote Bag
                  Make Up Eraser Make Up Eraser
                    Hipsister Belt
                      Gathered Top Gathered Top
                        Two Layer Dress Two Layer Dress
                          Belinda Skirt Belinda Skirt
                            Curved Bar Necklaces Curved Bar Necklaces
                              Tiny Heart Bracelet
                                Minnesota Pillow
                                  Beaded Stone Necklace Beaded Stone Necklace
                                    Owl Tank Owl Tank
                                    Owl Tank
                                      Blessing Bracelet Blessing Bracelet
                                        Mn Hockey T-Shirt Mn Hockey T-Shirt
                                          Sari Scarf
                                          Sari Scarf
                                            Gray Duck Shirt Gray Duck Shirt
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