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(781) 416-9800

We carry stylishly fun and functional athletic/athleisure apparel for women and super accessories.

Best Known For: Stylish athletic and athleisure apparel

Boutique Owner: Laura Fisher

Emoji Leggings Emoji Leggings
    Patchwork Capri Patchwork Capri
      Tonal Pique Capri Pant Tonal Pique Capri Pant
        Mesh Back Sweatshirt Mesh Back Sweatshirt
          Side Mesh Bra Side Mesh Bra
            All Star Backpack
              Halter Tank Top Halter Tank Top
              Halter Tank Top
              $62 $58
                Double Sports Bra Double Sports Bra
                  Racer Mesh Capri Racer Mesh Capri
                    Performance Shorts Performance Shorts
                      Criss Cross Top Criss Cross Top
                      Criss Cross Top
                      $58 $42
                        Mesh Jacket
                          Whitesands Print Capri Whitesands Print Capri
                            Tall Tennis Tote Tall Tennis Tote
                              Purple Fog Tank Purple Fog Tank
                                Lapis Whisper Tank Lapis Whisper Tank
                                  Namaste T Shirt Namaste T Shirt
                                    Workout Leggings Workout Leggings
                                      Waikiki Legging Waikiki Legging
                                        Chevron Legging Chevron Legging
                                          Whispy Tank Whispy Tank
                                            Lyssa Yoga Pant Lyssa Yoga Pant
                                              Celeste Leggings Celeste Leggings
                                                Instant Cooling Towel
                                                  • +
                                                    Teaser Yoga Pant Teaser Yoga Pant
                                                      Sports Recovery Sandal Sports Recovery Sandal
                                                        Plaid Print Legging Plaid Print Legging
                                                          Lace Print Leggings Lace Print Leggings
                                                            Slouchy Tote Slouchy Tote
                                                            Slouchy Tote
                                                            $69.98 $55.99
                                                              Water Bottle Water Bottle
                                                                Tie Dye Tank
                                                                  Down Vest
                                                                  Down Vest
                                                                    Wrap Sweater Wrap Sweater
                                                                      Down Running Jacket Down Running Jacket
                                                                        V Ankle Legging V Ankle Legging
                                                                          Peek-a-Boo Legging Peek-a-Boo Legging