Giardini di Sole

South End

460 Harrison Ave, Suite B-17, Boston, Massachusetts 02118

(857) 362-7253

Giardini di Sole specializes in discovering local artisans from Italy who produce ceramics, glassware, linens, and an array of home decor items.

Best Known For: Created in Italy.... brought to life in your home!

Boutique Owner: Libby Knapp Morris and Sandy Grushcow

St.Tropez Pearl Bowl
    Lounge Bar Tumbler
      Lounge Liqueur Glass Lounge Liqueur Glass
        Lounge Bar Pitcher
          Lounge Whiskey Tumbler Lounge Whiskey Tumbler
            Clear Milly Tumbler
              Tall Lente Tumbler Tall Lente Tumbler
                Red Milly Tumbler
                  Dolce Vita Goblet Dolce Vita Goblet
                    Gelsomino Body Cream
                      Jasmine Soap
                        Gelsomino Bath Salts
                          Stagioni Espresso Set Stagioni Espresso Set
                            Sparkling Wine Decanter
                              Arabesque Tea Tumbler
                                Arabesque Dessert Plate
                                    Cupa Rocks Glass
                                      Vintage Red Wine Vintage Red Wine
                                        Sommelier Wine Decanter Sommelier Wine Decanter
                                          Magic Glasses Magic Glasses
                                            Dots Espresso Cup Dots Espresso Cup
                                              Dots Breakfast Bowl Dots Breakfast Bowl
                                                Blue Flower Bowl
                                                  Lemon Serving Platter
                                                    Lemon Dessert Plate
                                                      Flower Serving Bowl
                                                        Blue Flower Mug Blue Flower Mug
                                                          Vizio Champagne Flute Vizio Champagne Flute
                                                            Speedy Amber Carafe Speedy Amber Carafe
                                                              Lamp'oil Evoo Server Lamp'oil Evoo Server
                                                                Lente Tumbler
                                                                  Fulmine Salad Set
                                                                    Palla Pitcher
                                                                      Fico D'india Soap
                                                                        Bath Salt Sachet
                                                                          Drawer Sachets
                                                                            White Wine Glass White Wine Glass
                                                                              Vizio Wine Glass Vizio Wine Glass
                                                                                Federica Pitcher
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