181 Park St, Waterloo, Ontario N2L 1Y7

A fabulous curation of home decor, kitchenware, fashion accessories and paper goods. Gift giving at its finest.

Best Known For: Trend forward and unique gift ideas for thoughtful gift givers.

Boutique Owner: Sylvia Horn

Cactus Verde Candle
    Anchor Storage Box
      Scrabble Stamp Kit Scrabble Stamp Kit
        Cat Zipper Pouch
          Vanilla Oakmoss Candle
            Toucan Socks
              Mom Tattoo Socks Mom Tattoo Socks
                Green Fig Candle
                  Coconut Candle Tin
                    Honeybee Tea Cosy Honeybee Tea Cosy
                      Rock Art Pull
                        Sewing Kit Sewing Kit
                          Sewing Kit Sewing Kit
                            Paper Pencil Set Paper Pencil Set
                              Plaid Wristlet
                                Blue Coral Candle Blue Coral Candle
                                  Floral Drawer Pull
                                    Coconut Soy Candle
                                      Pineapple Soy Candle
                                        Watermint Soy Candle
                                          'Today' Mug
                                            Yellow Grid Trivet
                                              Copper Candle Holder
                                                Copper Candle Holder Copper Candle Holder
                                                  Dapper Foxes Journal Dapper Foxes Journal
                                                    Copper Candle Holder Copper Candle Holder
                                                      Copper Candle Holder
                                                        Jetsetter Magnets
                                                          Elephant Candle Set
                                                            Typography Magnets
                                                              Boombox Crew Socks Boombox Crew Socks
                                                                Pug Knee Socks
                                                                  Chat Noir Socks
                                                                    Animal Knee Socks
                                                                      Shark Knee Socks
                                                                        Kitten Knee Socks
                                                                          Forest Knee Socks
                                                                            Terrarium Knee Socks
                                                                              Tacosaurus Knee Socks
                                                                                Chevron Frame Chevron Frame
                                                                                  Lemon Tea Towel
                                                                                    Owl Drawer Pull
                                                                                      Owl Drawer Pull
                                                                                        Arrows Journal Arrows Journal
                                                                                          Bird Drawer Pull
                                                                                            Hanging Clock
                                                                                              Painted Bowl