Hawkins House


262 North Street, Bennington, Vermont 05201

(802) 447-1778

Featuring hand crafted jewelry by Ed Levin in silver and gold, Hawkins House is known as “the place to shop for jewelry.” A wide selection of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, both with and without stones to please and delight you.

Best Known For: Jewelry


    Silver Forged Hoop-Small
      14k La Petite-Small
        Hand Hammered Hoop-Large
          14k Drop Earrings
            Silver Duo Hoop
              Silver Stiletto Earrings
                Silver Petite Elliptical
                  Silver Bindu Bracelet
                    Silver Petite Signature
                      Silver Slide Bracelet
                        Silver Entwined Elegance
                          Silver Hammered Taper
                            Silver Whisper Earrings
                              Silver Bindu Earrings
                                Secret Heart Earring
                                  Silver Dangle Earring
                                    Silver Symphony Earring
                                      Silver Calla Lily
                                        Silver Duo's Hoop
                                          Silver Scrolling Hoop
                                            Silver Crop Circle
                                              Silver Hammered Oval
                                                Gold Over Napa
                                                  Silver Petite Kinetic
                                                    Silver Endless Braid
                                                      Silver Drop Earrings
                                                        Silver Rhythmic Hoop
                                                          Satin Dangle Earring
                                                            Silver Olive Earrings
                                                              Silver Morocco Earrings
                                                                Silver Aura Hoop
                                                                  Silver Forged Hoop
                                                                    14k Petite Hoop
                                                                      Silver Petite Hoop
                                                                        Silver Lily Pad
                                                                          Silver Love Knot
                                                                            Silver Wave Bracelet
                                                                              Silver Trio Bracelet