Iowa Artisans Gallery

Iowa City

207 E Washington St, Iowa City, Iowa 52240

(319) 351-8686

Offering eclectic handmade items from 200 artists across the US & Canada. Choose the path of creative design!

Best Known For: home decor, gifts, jewelry and accessories

Boutique Owner: Astrid Bennett & fellow co-owners

Narwhal Necklace
    Nerd Fox Necklace
      Squirrel Pillow Medium
        Ducklings Pillow Small
          Trivet Leaf Design Trivet Leaf Design
            Trivet Pinwheel Design Trivet Pinwheel Design
              Trivet Heart Design Trivet Heart Design
                Toy Wooden Workbench Toy Wooden Workbench
                  Pug Pillow
                    Teensy Bowl Blue-Green Teensy Bowl Blue-Green
                      Dessert Cup Yellow
                        Dessert Cup Green
                          Dessert Cup Red
                            Votive Square Votive Square
                              Votive Blossom Votive Blossom
                                Teensy Bowl Salmon Teensy Bowl Salmon
                                  Dessert Cup Orange
                                    Teensy Bowl