Love & Lace


220 E Bremer Ave, Waverly, Iowa 50677

Our gift shop offers a broad variety of items and our Christmas room is a holiday "must-see"! 

Best Known For: Clothing; Accessories; Jewelry; Shoes; Home/Gift

Boutique Owner: Deb M.

Moon Word Block
    Trust Word Block
      Believe Word Block
        Dream Word Block
          Sparkle Pillow Sparkle Pillow
            Give Thanks Block
              Fall Word Block
                Blessings Pillow Blessings Pillow
                  Gather Together Pillow Gather Together Pillow
                    Give Thanks Pillow Give Thanks Pillow
                      Blessings Word Block
                        Thank You Sign
                          Give Thanks Sign
                            Jump Sign
                              Gather Together Sign
                                Thankful Pillow Thankful Pillow
                                  Grateful Word Block
                                    Thankful Word Block
                                      Friends Gather Block
                                        Give Thanks Block
                                          Happy Place Block
                                            Sparkle Word Block
                                              True Beauty Block
                                                Believe Word Block
                                                  Life Coffee Mug
                                                    Gold Memories Block
                                                      Wood & Metal Frame Wood & Metal Frame
                                                        Beyond Measure Frame Beyond Measure Frame
                                                          Forever Family Frame Forever Family Frame
                                                            Americana Mug Americana Mug
                                                              Star Jeweled Cap
                                                                Jeweled Cap
                                                                  Jeweled Cap
                                                                    Decorative Jeweled Cap
                                                                      Sparkle Cap
                                                                        Jeweled Cap
                                                                          Jewel Detailed Hat
                                                                            Slicer Slicer
                                                                              Cook's Knife
                                                                              Cook's Knife
                                                                                Bread Knife
                                                                                Bread Knife
                                                                                  Super Parer
                                                                                  Super Parer
                                                                                    Vegetable Peeler
                                                                                      Regular Paring Knife Regular Paring Knife
                                                                                        Tomato Slicer Tomato Slicer
                                                                                          Baseball Cap
                                                                                            Jeweled Baseball Cap
                                                                                              Jewel Caps
                                                                                                Happy Coffee Mug
                                                                                                  Impossible Wall Art
                                                                                                    Kindness Wall Art
                                                                                                      Baby Girl Art
                                                                                                        Faith Wall Art
                                                                                                          Forever Music Box
                                                                                                            Road Home Art
                                                                                                              Memorial Candle