Londo Mondo

Gold Coast

1100 N. Dearborn, Chicago, Illinois 60610

(312) 751-2794

Londo Mondo offers the active, modern woman swimwear year-round, sportswear, and contemporary fashions.

Best Known For: Swimwear & Sportswear

Boutique Owner: Donna West

Convertible Clutch
    Carinna Top
      Adora Top
      Adora Top
        Bary Sweater
          Leena Blazer Leena Blazer
            Burgundy Snake Legging Burgundy Snake Legging
              Peacock Legging Peacock Legging
                Convertible Clutch
                  Convertibe Clutch
                    Acquisition Dress Acquisition Dress
                      Illusion Dress Illusion Dress
                        Staten Sweater Staten Sweater
                          Troy Top Troy Top
                          Troy Top
                            Contribution Top
                              Framed Ballet Print
                                Framed Sunflower Print
                                  Clouds Hot Pant Clouds Hot Pant
                                    Vasanti Bootie Vasanti Bootie
                                      Illumination Painting Illumination Painting
                                        Tulips Original Art
                                          Flower Power Canvas
                                            Business Casual Painting
                                              Phantasmic Eye Painting
                                                Vinton Bootie Vinton Bootie
                                                  Original Canvas Painting
                                                    Layered Shift Dress
                                                      Off Shoulder Top
                                                        Natalya Bootie Natalya Bootie
                                                          Sutton Bootie Sutton Bootie
                                                          Sutton Bootie
                                                            Open Back Dress Open Back Dress
                                                              Star Sweatshirt Star Sweatshirt
                                                                Champagne Dreams Top Champagne Dreams Top
                                                                  Coffee Dogs Tee
                                                                    Cropped Boot Jean Cropped Boot Jean
                                                                      Ryan Tomboy Trouser Ryan Tomboy Trouser
                                                                        Nora Top Nora Top
                                                                        Nora Top
                                                                          Liv Dress Liv Dress
                                                                          Liv Dress
                                                                          $176 $149
                                                                            Trompe L'oeil Top Trompe L'oeil Top
                                                                              Robby Dress
                                                                                Viera Dress
                                                                                  Optic Nerve Top Optic Nerve Top
                                                                                    Stripe Dress Stripe Dress
                                                                                      I'm A Virgin Tee
                                                                                        I Heart Love Tee
                                                                                          Victoria Falls Top
                                                                                            Printed Tassel Cami Printed Tassel Cami
                                                                                              Prisim Back Tee Prisim Back Tee
                                                                                              Prisim Back Tee
                                                                                              $58 $45
                                                                                                Gold Wrap Romper Gold Wrap Romper
                                                                                                Gold Wrap Romper
                                                                                                $175 $125
                                                                                                  Husdon Slip-On Husdon Slip-On
                                                                                                  Husdon Slip-On
                                                                                                  $205 $165
                                                                                                    Layer Leggings Layer Leggings
                                                                                                      Roll Down Knee Roll Down Knee
                                                                                                        Wide Leg Pants Wide Leg Pants
                                                                                                          Roll Down Boot Cut Roll Down Boot Cut
                                                                                                            Coco Belle Sandal Coco Belle Sandal
                                                                                                              Snake Wrap Sandal Snake Wrap Sandal
                                                                                                                Sheri Vest Sheri Vest
                                                                                                                Sheri Vest
                                                                                                                  Jamie Vest Jamie Vest
                                                                                                                  Jamie Vest
                                                                                                                  $194 $100
                                                                                                                    Ruched One Piece Ruched One Piece