Mandyz Boutique


1442 W 8th St, San Pedro, California 90732

(310) 521-8400

San Pedro boutique with the latest fashions at affordable prices. Offers a variety of unique handbags, clothes, accessories, scarves and wallets.

Boutique Owner: Mona Khalbourji

Taupe Cardigan Taupe Cardigan
    Black Sleeveless Blouse Black Sleeveless Blouse
      Black And Gold Choker Black And Gold Choker
        T-shirt Dress T-shirt Dress
          Open Shoulder Sweater Open Shoulder Sweater
            Plaid Poncho Plaid Poncho
              Black Lace Dress Black Lace Dress
                Green Corduroy Skirt Green Corduroy Skirt
                  Off shoulder Crop Top Off shoulder Crop Top
                    Blue Ruffle Dress Blue Ruffle Dress
                      Olive Maxi Skirt Olive Maxi Skirt
                        Off Shoulder Sweater Off Shoulder Sweater
                          Black Fitted Dress Black Fitted Dress
                            Olive Sweater Dress Olive Sweater Dress
                              Mocha Crochet Cardigan Mocha Crochet Cardigan
                                Beige Stripe Cape Beige Stripe Cape
                                  Plaid Flannel Cardigan Plaid Flannel Cardigan
                                    Black Jacket Black Jacket
                                      Black Strapless Dress Black Strapless Dress
                                        Brown And Gold Necklace Brown And Gold Necklace
                                          Blue Dress Blue Dress
                                            White Sleeveless Blouse White Sleeveless Blouse
                                              Crochet Tassle Bag Crochet Tassle Bag
                                                Kimono Style Blouse Kimono Style Blouse
                                                  Gray Tie Dye Romper Gray Tie Dye Romper
                                                    Beige Crochet Dress Beige Crochet Dress
                                                      Striped Dress Striped Dress
                                                      Striped Dress
                                                      $40 $30
                                                        Palazzo Pant Jumper Palazzo Pant Jumper
                                                          Boho Sequin Top Boho Sequin Top
                                                          Boho Sequin Top
                                                          $38 $30
                                                            Grey Fringe Sweater Grey Fringe Sweater
                                                              Tribal Poncho Tribal Poncho
                                                                Black Button Dress Black Button Dress
                                                                  Off The Shoulder Dress Off The Shoulder Dress
                                                                    Red Flannel Dress Red Flannel Dress
                                                                      Black Long Top Black Long Top
                                                                      Black Long Top
                                                                      $46 $23
                                                                        Suede Boho Top Suede Boho Top
                                                                        Suede Boho Top
                                                                        $44 $22
                                                                          Brown Cardigan Brown Cardigan
                                                                          Brown Cardigan
                                                                          $48 $38
                                                                            Dream Catcher Necklace Dream Catcher Necklace
                                                                              Silver Tassel Necklace Silver Tassel Necklace
                                                                                Open Sleeve Dress Open Sleeve Dress