1188 Edgewood Ave S, Jacksonville, Florida 32205

(904) 742-2487

A mother-daughter business bringing unique boho and classic styles to women of all ages. 

Best Known For: Women's Clothing and Accessories

Boutique Owner: Joy

Salmon Cropped Blouse Salmon Cropped Blouse
    Blush Tying Blouse Blush Tying Blouse
      Fall Flannel Tunic Fall Flannel Tunic
        Long Floral Dress Long Floral Dress
          Black Lace Top Black Lace Top
            Navy Striped Jumpsuit Navy Striped Jumpsuit
              Graceful Floral Dress Graceful Floral Dress
                Flecked White Blouse Flecked White Blouse
                  Victorian Lace Top Victorian Lace Top
                    Lace Up Blouse Lace Up Blouse
                      Winter Green Top Winter Green Top
                        Navy Blouse Navy Blouse
                          Mustard Cross Blouse Mustard Cross Blouse
                            Wine V-Neck Top Wine V-Neck Top
                              Pleated Button Down Pleated Button Down
                                Comfiest Sweater Tunic Comfiest Sweater Tunic
                                  Black Lace Blouse Black Lace Blouse
                                    Victorian Black Dress Victorian Black Dress
                                      Bell Sleeve Dress Bell Sleeve Dress
                                        Butterfly Sleeve Top Butterfly Sleeve Top
                                          Wide Leg Pants Wide Leg Pants
                                            Off Shoulder Stripe Dress Off Shoulder Stripe Dress
                                              Olive Maxi Dress Olive Maxi Dress
                                                Red Button Shift Red Button Shift
                                                Red Button Shift
                                                $109 $79
                                                  Blue Floral Maxi Blue Floral Maxi
                                                  Blue Floral Maxi
                                                  $129 $89
                                                    Bold Floral Skirt Bold Floral Skirt
                                                      White Floral Dress White Floral Dress
                                                        Bell Sleeve Dress Bell Sleeve Dress
                                                          Striped Cut Out Maxi Striped Cut Out Maxi
                                                            White Cape Blazer White Cape Blazer
                                                              Floral Pants Floral Pants
                                                              Floral Pants
                                                              $69 $49
                                                                Worn Tencel Dress Worn Tencel Dress
                                                                  Tencel Indigo Shorts Tencel Indigo Shorts