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1400 Foothill Blvd., #162, Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

(801) 582-4462

We're enchanted by stationery that pops out of our mailboxes, glamorous jewels, the perfect tea cup, and everything that goes into building a home.

Best Known For: Beautiful basics, customer service, and magical details

Boutique Owner: Neena Ashton

Quatrefoil Latch Bangle
    Pearl Bangle
    Pearl Bangle
      Pineapple Party Plates Pineapple Party Plates
        Silver Whistle Keychain
          Fairytale Tray
            Gentleman's Tray
              Hello Beautiful Tray
                Kisses Wine Coaster
                  Beautiful Cosmetic Pouch
                    Honey Pot
                    Honey Pot
                      Wedding Cake Set
                        Bicycle Gift Set
                          Pave Choker Necklace Pave Choker Necklace
                            CZ Bar Necklace CZ Bar Necklace
                              Pearl Drop Necklace Pearl Drop Necklace
                                Stretchy Pearl Bracelet Stretchy Pearl Bracelet
                                  Freshwater Pearl Studs
                                    Wired Hoop Earrings
                                      Our Favorite Bracelet Our Favorite Bracelet
                                        3 Pearl Necklace 3 Pearl Necklace
                                          Tassel Necklace Tassel Necklace
                                            Cleopatra Necklace Cleopatra Necklace
                                              Triple Bangle Bracelet Triple Bangle Bracelet
                                                Silver Baby Rattle
                                                  Fortune Cookie Box
                                                    Bride Tote
                                                    Bride Tote
                                                      Newlywed Throw Pillow
                                                        Birthday Luncheon Napkins Birthday Luncheon Napkins
                                                          Birthday Luncheon Plates Birthday Luncheon Plates
                                                            Bird Serving Bowl
                                                              Mine And Yours Glasses Mine And Yours Glasses
                                                                All My Love Dish
                                                                  Violet Heart Dish
                                                                    Blush Heart Dish
                                                                      Songbird Salad Bowl Songbird Salad Bowl
                                                                        Peridot Sterling Frame
                                                                          Chain Link Frame Chain Link Frame
                                                                            Moon And Stars
                                                                              Navy Link Frame
                                                                                Eat Cake Plate
                                                                                  Foo Dog Pair
                                                                                    Pearl Favorite Bracelet
                                                                                      100 Wedding Coasters 100 Wedding Coasters
                                                                                        Dot Martini Shaker
                                                                                          Chain Link Frame
                                                                                            Stand Out Tray
                                                                                              Prettiest Smile Vase
                                                                                                Lucky Sixpence Bride Gift Lucky Sixpence Bride Gift
                                                                                                  Giraffe Box
                                                                                                  Giraffe Box
                                                                                                    Ancestral Dragon Jar Ancestral Dragon Jar
                                                                                                      Flat Lidded Jar Flat Lidded Jar
                                                                                                        Double Happiness Jar
                                                                                                          Double Happiness Jar Double Happiness Jar
                                                                                                            Wooden Maze
                                                                                                            Wooden Maze
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