Old Glory Antiques


1930 South Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80210

(303) 798-4212

Old Glory Antiques is a tasteful, carefully-edited combination of the uncommon, the unexpected, and the beautiful.

Best Known For: Gifts & Decor

Boutique Owner: Holly Kuhn

Beautiful Canvas Bag
    Loveliest Canvas Bag
      Tahitian Lime Candle
        Mango Tangerine Candle
          Verbena Basil Candle
            Vanilla Soy Candle
              Canvas Bag
                Aspen Colorado Pillow
                  Vail Valley Pillow
                    Colorado Pillow
                      California Pillow
                        San Diego Pillow
                          New York Pillow
                            Ski Colorado Pillow
                              Love You Pillow Love You Pillow
                                Heart Of Gold
                                  Always Look Lovely
                                    Old Law Books
                                      Vintage Ceiling Tin
                                        Vintage Ceiling Tin
                                          Vintage Silverware Set
                                            Rustic Oyster Basket Rustic Oyster Basket
                                              Skov Scented Candle
                                                Shoe Last Stand
                                                  Mercury Seltzer Bottle
                                                    Vintage Ceiling Tin
                                                      Vintage Ceiling Tin
                                                        Wolf Greeting Card
                                                          Bear Greeting Card
                                                            Elk Greeting Card
                                                              Old Wood Bowl
                                                                Old Wood Bowl Old Wood Bowl
                                                                  Ask Yourself Artprint
                                                                    Vintage Shoe Last
                                                                      Vintage Shoe Last
                                                                        Vintage Textile Spool Vintage Textile Spool
                                                                          Heart Prayer Beads
                                                                            Zinc Puffed Heart
                                                                              Darling Art Print
                                                                              Darling Art Print
                                                                              $280 $140
                                                                                My Sunshine Blocks My Sunshine Blocks
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