On a Whim


9155 Poplar Avenue, Suite 7, Germantown, Tennessee 38138

(901) 751-0091

On A Whim is an unique shopping experience with a wide variety of apparel accessories.

Best Known For: Women's Clothing and Accessories

Boutique Owner: Layne Vogel

Sleeveless Navy Dress
    Suede Skirt
      Suede Jacket
        Tie Up Top Tie Up Top
        Tie Up Top
          White Striped Romper
            Gold Sequined Dress
              White Flowy Top
                Black Buttoned Romper
                  Black Dress
                    Green Romper
                      Mini Blue Dress Mini Blue Dress
                        Aztec Mini Dress Aztec Mini Dress
                          Sequin Dress Sequin Dress
                            Bell Sleeve Sweater Bell Sleeve Sweater
                              Black Lace Up Dress
                                Green Strapless Dress
                                  Grey Mini Skirt Grey Mini Skirt
                                    Sleeveless Top Sleeveless Top
                                      High Low Dress High Low Dress
                                        Lightweight Jacket Lightweight Jacket
                                          Flowy Top Flowy Top
                                          Flowy Top
                                            Ponte Lace Up Dress Ponte Lace Up Dress
                                              Geo Liz Romper Geo Liz Romper
                                                Sienna Tomboy Jean Sienna Tomboy Jean
                                                  Striped Camisole Striped Camisole
                                                    Print Sequins Dress Print Sequins Dress
                                                      Spectacle Dress Spectacle Dress
                                                        Tied Down Top Tied Down Top
                                                          Maple Chambray Dress Maple Chambray Dress
                                                            Mixed Houndtooth Cape Mixed Houndtooth Cape
                                                            Mixed Houndtooth Cape
                                                            $45.99 $34.99
                                                              Faux Fur Vest Faux Fur Vest
                                                              Faux Fur Vest
                                                              $112 $78
                                                                Ombre Faux Fur Vest Ombre Faux Fur Vest
                                                                  Cutout Shift Dress Cutout Shift Dress
                                                                    Mini Sweater Dress Mini Sweater Dress
                                                                      Stirrup Jegging Stirrup Jegging
                                                                        Criss-Cross Knit Top Criss-Cross Knit Top
                                                                          Flare Jeans Flare Jeans
                                                                            Denim Flare Jeans Denim Flare Jeans
                                                                              Black Jegging Black Jegging
                                                                                Vegan Leather Arm Coat Vegan Leather Arm Coat
                                                                                  Gold Pleated Maxi Skirt Gold Pleated Maxi Skirt
                                                                                    Front Twist Dress Front Twist Dress
                                                                                      Scuba Fit Knit Dress Scuba Fit Knit Dress
                                                                                        Backless Rebel Dress Backless Rebel Dress
                                                                                          Vermont Fringed Sandals Vermont Fringed Sandals
                                                                                            Brooks In Natural Brooks In Natural
                                                                                              Fantasia Kimono Fantasia Kimono
                                                                                              Fantasia Kimono
                                                                                              $126 $88
                                                                                                Striped Shirt Dress Striped Shirt Dress