Pear Tree House


4320 N. Campbell Ave No. 128, Tucson, Arizona 85718

(520) 329-8597

Discover this incredible store known for its wonderful and creative displays. Specializing in Home Decor, Tabletop, Gift, Baby, Jewelry and more!

Best Known For: Home D├ęcor, Tabletop and Gift

Boutique Owner: Chris Eklund

Linen Cocktail Napkins
    Ox Glass Paperweight
      Pear Salt & Pepper
        Pineapple Porcelain Box
          Happy Birthday Plates
            Dreamy Tulip Bowl
              Lovey Holding Blankey
                Tulip Enamel Bowl
                  Modern Trophy Bowl
                    Patent Cosmetic Bag
                      Penthouse Candle
                        Paperwhite Cake Stand
                          Bee Platter
                          Bee Platter
                          $114 $86
                            Chic Appetizer Plates
                              Jeweled Menorrah
                                Scotch Liquor Decanter
                                  Lucite Stag Sconce
                                    Two Tiered Server
                                    Two Tiered Server
                                    $260 $130
                                      Body Buffer Body Buffer