Scandia House

New York

45 Shethar Street, Hammondsport, New York 14840

(607) 569-3070

Scandia House offers exceptional fashions and home décor from around the world, including the United States, Europe and Scandinavia.

Best Known For: Distinctive ladies apparel, jewelry, shoes, handbags, gifts, and home decor.

Boutique Owner: Vicki Jane Mills

Navy Lace Dress Navy Lace Dress
    Sequin Dot Shawl Sequin Dot Shawl
      Black Dot Jacket Black Dot Jacket
        Silk Top Silk Top
        Silk Top
          Quilted Tailored Vest Quilted Tailored Vest
            Tunic Top Tunic Top
            Tunic Top
              Blue Quilted Vest Blue Quilted Vest
                Kimono Coat Kimono Coat
                  Sweater Tunic Sweater Tunic
                  Sweater Tunic
                    Tunic Sweater Tunic Sweater
                      V-Neck Sweater V-Neck Sweater
                        Cashmere Tunic Sweater Cashmere Tunic Sweater
                          Tunic Sweater Top Tunic Sweater Top
                            Ponte Legging Ponte Legging
                              Black White Tunic
                                Black White Dress
                                  Lepard Style Jacket
                                    Multi-Colored Vest
                                      V-neck flow Top
                                        Layered Black Tank
                                          Sheer Vegan Leather Blazer Sheer Vegan Leather Blazer
                                            Sheer Polka-Dot Blazer Sheer Polka-Dot Blazer
                                              Lace Tee
                                              Lace Tee
                                                Luxe Bar Soap
                                                  Olive Leaf Bodylotion
                                                    Olive Leaf Handlotion
                                                      Olive Leaf Barsoap
                                                        Bride Lace Tank Bride Lace Tank
                                                          Signature Lace Cami
                                                            Lemongrass Body Lotion Lemongrass Body Lotion
                                                              Lemongrass Hand Wash Lemongrass Hand Wash
                                                                Lemongrass Body Wash Lemongrass Body Wash
                                                                  Lemongrass Hand Cream Lemongrass Hand Cream
                                                                    Aqua Coralline Bodywash
                                                                      Aqua Coralline Handwash
                                                                        Aqua Coralline Scrub
                                                                          Black Multi Jacket
                                                                            Black Multi Jacket
                                                                            Black Multi Jacket
                                                                            $199 $149.25
                                                                              Black Multi Jacket
                                                                              Black Multi Jacket
                                                                              $179 $134.25
                                                                                Grey Black Dress Grey Black Dress
                                                                                Grey Black Dress
                                                                                $98.50 $74
                                                                                  Long Sheer Duster
                                                                                    Duster Jacket
                                                                                    Duster Jacket
                                                                                      Darling Dot Babydoll
                                                                                        Goldleaf Handwash Goldleaf Handwash
                                                                                          Goldleaf Dusting Powder Goldleaf Dusting Powder
                                                                                            Goldleaf Body Creme
                                                                                              Hanky Retro Short Hanky Retro Short
                                                                                                Retro Thong Retro Thong
                                                                                                Retro Thong
                                                                                                • +
                                                                                                  Goldleaf Body Wash
                                                                                                    Goldleaf Barsoap
                                                                                                      Jasmine Body Wash Jasmine Body Wash
                                                                                                        Aqua Coralline Lotion
                                                                                                          Red Blazer With Appliques Red Blazer With Appliques
                                                                                                            Black Pants Black Pants
                                                                                                              Sweater/Denim Jacket With Hood Sweater/Denim Jacket With Hood