Sophia Lustig


124 10th St, Toledo, Ohio 43604

(419) 243-5131

Building lasting relationships through exceptional service and impeccable style since 1936.

Best Known For: Luxury collections, elevated essentials, and eclectic accessories

Boutique Owner: Meredith

Kimono Duster Kimono Duster
    Pencil Skirt Pencil Skirt
      Round Neck Tank Round Neck Tank
        Lantern Ankle Pant Lantern Ankle Pant
          Shawl Collar Kimono Coat Shawl Collar Kimono Coat
            Turtleneck Tunic Turtleneck Tunic
              Longer Suede Jacket Longer Suede Jacket
                Leopard Silk Top Leopard Silk Top
                  High Waisted Seamed Pant High Waisted Seamed Pant
                    Scalloped Knit Top Scalloped Knit Top
                      Double Lapel Jacket Double Lapel Jacket
                        Knit Jacquard Skirt Knit Jacquard Skirt
                          Ribbed T-Shirt Ribbed T-Shirt
                            Lace Off Shoulder Top Lace Off Shoulder Top
                              Knee Seam Legging Knee Seam Legging
                                Cotton Button Down Cotton Button Down
                                  Polka Dot Button Down Polka Dot Button Down
                                    Stripe Slub Tee Stripe Slub Tee
                                      Bonded Laser Tank Bonded Laser Tank
                                        Crepe Dolman Dress Crepe Dolman Dress
                                          Beekman Pant Beekman Pant
                                            Dominica Jacket Dominica Jacket
                                              Cordoba Pullover Cordoba Pullover
                                                Athens Top Athens Top
                                                Athens Top
                                                  Lisbon String Bodysuit Lisbon String Bodysuit
                                                    Jamaika String Bodysuit Jamaika String Bodysuit
                                                      Cable Vest Cable Vest
                                                      Cable Vest
                                                      $200 $100
                                                        Button Down Tunic Button Down Tunic
                                                          Fringe Knit Jacket Fringe Knit Jacket