The Blue Dahlia


4235 S. Alameda St., Corpus Christi, Texas 78412

(361) 249-2537

The Blue Dahlia is dedicated to providing a friendly, welcoming environment with quality products: clothing, accessories and more!

Best Known For: Clothing; Accessories; Jewelry; Home/Gift

Boutique Owner: Dahlia Martinez

Floral Wrap Dress Floral Wrap Dress
    Asymmetrical Tunic Asymmetrical Tunic
      Tribal Floral Tunic Tribal Floral Tunic
        Woven Shift Dress Woven Shift Dress
        Woven Shift Dress
        $45.99 $32.19
          A-Line Floral Dress A-Line Floral Dress
            Button Down Dress Button Down Dress
              A-Line Pocket Dress A-Line Pocket Dress
                Print Sleeveless Dress Print Sleeveless Dress
                  Floral High-Low Dress Floral High-Low Dress
                    Geo Print Dress Geo Print Dress
                      Belted Sleeveless Dress Belted Sleeveless Dress
                        Ribbed Knit Dress Ribbed Knit Dress
                          Mix-Print Surplice Dress Mix-Print Surplice Dress
                            Floral Lace-Up Dress Floral Lace-Up Dress
                              Button-Up Denim Button-Up Denim
                                High Waist Culottes High Waist Culottes
                                  Floral Maxi Dress Floral Maxi Dress
                                    Pattern Printed Dress Pattern Printed Dress
                                      Black Party Dress Black Party Dress
                                        Tribal Cream Dress Tribal Cream Dress
                                          Pink Dress Pink Dress
                                            Brown Teal Cardigan Brown Teal Cardigan
                                              Black Cardigan Black Cardigan
                                                Basic Cardigan Basic Cardigan
                                                  Leopard Kimono Leopard Kimono
                                                    Blue Grey Jacket Blue Grey Jacket
                                                      Black And White Romper Black And White Romper
                                                        Black Romper Black Romper
                                                        Black Romper
                                                          Sundial Native Dress Sundial Native Dress
                                                          Sundial Native Dress
                                                          $48.75 $34.12
                                                            Sequin Bodice Dress Sequin Bodice Dress
                                                              Leopard Print Top Leopard Print Top
                                                                Denim Blue Denim Blue
                                                                Denim Blue
                                                                  Sheer Tunic Sheer Tunic
                                                                    Palazzo Pants Palazzo Pants
                                                                    Palazzo Pants
                                                                    $32.50 $22.75
                                                                      Crochet Top Crochet Top
                                                                      Crochet Top
                                                                      $62.50 $43.75
                                                                        Sequin Pants Sequin Pants
                                                                        Sequin Pants
                                                                          Hi Low Knit Dress Hi Low Knit Dress
                                                                            Navy Leggings Navy Leggings
                                                                            Navy Leggings
                                                                            $29.98 $20.99
                                                                              Mesh Top Mesh Top
                                                                              Mesh Top
                                                                              $33.75 $23.31