Apricot Lane - Mount Pleasant

South Carolina

1612 Palmetto Grande Dr, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 29464

(843) 971-1800

You’ll enjoy a unique and fun shopping experience, complete with a diverse selection of fashionable apparel, stylish accessories & friendly customer service.

Best Known For: Women's Clothing and Accessories

Boutique Owner: Sandra Barnes

Very Risque Romper Very Risque Romper
    Gypsy Love Blouse Gypsy Love Blouse
      Cold Shoulder Sweater
        Grey Jogger Pants
          Shaggy Vest
            Faux Suede Tie Jacket
              Classic Stripe Poncho
                Front Flap Top
                  Chiffon Tunic Chiffon Tunic
                    Black Lace Up Top Black Lace Up Top
                      Wine Lace Dress Wine Lace Dress
                        Fall Paisley Dress Fall Paisley Dress
                          Tan Cowboy Boots Tan Cowboy Boots
                            Fringe Me Booties Fringe Me Booties
                              Mineral Babydoll Dress Mineral Babydoll Dress
                                Aztec Romper Aztec Romper
                                  Black Varsity Bomber Black Varsity Bomber
                                    Paisley Shoulder Blouse Paisley Shoulder Blouse
                                      Plaid Shift Dress Plaid Shift Dress
                                        Grey Grid Dress Grey Grid Dress
                                          Braided Tank Top Braided Tank Top
                                            Tan Bracelet Tan Bracelet
                                              Mealea Bracelet Mealea Bracelet
                                                Tnphlon Bracelet Tnphlon Bracelet
                                                  Phklarlan Bracelet Phklarlan Bracelet
                                                    Sky Dye Top Sky Dye Top
                                                      Raisin Mix Romper Raisin Mix Romper
                                                        Pink Shift Dress Pink Shift Dress
                                                          Almond Rings Blouse Almond Rings Blouse
                                                            Crochet Rust Dress Crochet Rust Dress
                                                              Baby Blue Maxi Baby Blue Maxi
                                                                Berry Cute Dress Berry Cute Dress
                                                                  Coral Cotton Cardigan Coral Cotton Cardigan
                                                                    Very Western Booties Very Western Booties
                                                                      Ginger Print Jumpsuit Ginger Print Jumpsuit
                                                                        Mauve Melodies Dress Mauve Melodies Dress
                                                                          Brittany Printed Dress Brittany Printed Dress
                                                                            Coral Neck-Tie Dress Coral Neck-Tie Dress
                                                                              Sleeveless Plaid Top Sleeveless Plaid Top