1100 SE Division St., Suite 130, Portland, Oregon 97202


AVIDD is an independently owned women’s clothing boutique that specializes in apparel, local handmade accessories, and botanics.

Best Known For: Affordable & contemporary women's clothing and local accessories

Boutique Owner: Christin Ayala

V Neck Maxi Dress V Neck Maxi Dress
    Colorblock Maxi Skirt Colorblock Maxi Skirt
      Checkered Long Cardigan Checkered Long Cardigan
        Print Midi Dress Print Midi Dress
          Black Lace Dress Black Lace Dress
            One Pleat Dress One Pleat Dress
              Embossed Lace Top Embossed Lace Top
                Crepe Tee Crepe Tee
                Crepe Tee
                  Stripe Tailored Top Stripe Tailored Top
                    Sleeveless Jumpsuit Sleeveless Jumpsuit
                      Denim Romper Denim Romper