Blou J Boutique


10690 South Riverfront Pkwy, South Jordan, Utah 84095

8013495818/(801) 878-8488/ 8014103682

Blou J Boutique features unique and affordable women's clothing and accessories with the perfect blend of trendy and classic style.

Best Known For: Affordable Women's Clothing

Boutique Owner: Betsy Smith

Floral Wing Maxi Dress Floral Wing Maxi Dress
    Floral Bootie Floral Bootie
      Crocheted Applique Crocheted Applique
        Blue Cowl-Neck Top Blue Cowl-Neck Top
          Hi-Lo Dress Hi-Lo Dress
            Rose Print Skirt Rose Print Skirt
              Grey Slit Dress Grey Slit Dress
                White Lace Dress White Lace Dress
                  Black Cut-Out Dress Black Cut-Out Dress
                    Fringe Sweater Tunic Fringe Sweater Tunic
                      Multicolor Romper Multicolor Romper
                        Boho Blouse Boho Blouse
                          Fringe Denim Shirt Fringe Denim Shirt
                            Back Tie Sweatshirt Back Tie Sweatshirt
                              Peep Toe Bootie Peep Toe Bootie
                                Distressed Denim Distressed Denim
                                  Floral Bootie Floral Bootie
                                    Striped Tunic Tee Striped Tunic Tee
                                      White Denim Dress White Denim Dress
                                        Blossom Sweater Blossom Sweater
                                          Fringe Sweater Fringe Sweater
                                            Teal Sweater Teal Sweater
                                              Ruffle Cardigan Ruffle Cardigan
                                                Gray Sweater Gray Sweater
                                                  Ruffle Dress Ruffle Dress
                                                    Faux Leather Skirt Faux Leather Skirt
                                                      Striped Cowl Neck Shirt Striped Cowl Neck Shirt
                                                        Button Down Shirt Button Down Shirt
                                                          Check Button Down Shirt Check Button Down Shirt
                                                            Trench Coat Trench Coat
                                                            Trench Coat
                                                            $149 $74.50
                                                              Corduroy Shirt Dress Corduroy Shirt Dress
                                                                Fringe Sweater Fringe Sweater
                                                                  Knit Dress Knit Dress
                                                                  Knit Dress
                                                                  $60 $48
                                                                    Lace Jumpsuit Lace Jumpsuit
                                                                      Sports Bra Sports Bra
                                                                      Sports Bra
                                                                      $62 $54
                                                                        Fringe Dress Fringe Dress
                                                                          Fringe Vest Fringe Vest
                                                                            Multicolored Top Multicolored Top
                                                                              Tie Dye Dress Tie Dye Dress
                                                                                Lace Skirt Lace Skirt
                                                                                  Pleated Maxi Skirt Pleated Maxi Skirt
                                                                                    Striped Pencil Skirt Striped Pencil Skirt
                                                                                      Asymmetrical Hem Top Asymmetrical Hem Top