Blue Violet Boutique

Beverly Hills

9663 Santa Monica Blvd #308, Beverly Hills, California 90210


Gaining momentum from LA's creative and eclectic energy, Blue Violet Boutique reaches deep into the city's historical retro style with vintage-inspired clothing and accessories.

Best Known For: Colorful clothing and hand-crafted jewelry

Style Quote: Stylish contemporary vintage-inspired fashion

Boutique Owner: Joanna Revel

Onyx Black Necklace Set
    Orange Agate Necklace
      Yellow Jade Necklace
        Butterfly Pendant
          Bohemian Necklace
            Lime Babydoll Dress Lime Babydoll Dress
              Black Lace Mini Black Lace Mini
                High Neck Halter High Neck Halter
                  Coral Ruffle Halter Coral Ruffle Halter
                    Cobalt Blue Halter Cobalt Blue Halter
                      Olive Green Dress Olive Green Dress
                        Flowy Orange Dress Flowy Orange Dress
                          Purple Flower Bracelet
                            Pink Rock Choker
                              Lavender Rock Necklace
                                Yellow Floral Choker Yellow Floral Choker
                                  Bead Crystal Earrings
                                    Colorful Chain Necklace
                                      Bauble Bracelet
                                        Olive Green Necklace
                                          Metallic Blue Bracelet
                                            Lime Wire Necklace
                                              Blue Necklace Set
                                                Silver Charm Neclace Silver Charm Neclace
                                                  Multi Layered Necklace
                                                    Feather Cuff Bracelet
                                                      Sparkly Brown Strapless Sparkly Brown Strapless
                                                        Peach Knot Necklace Peach Knot Necklace
                                                          Earthy Agate Necklace
                                                            Highneck Fitted Dress Highneck Fitted Dress
                                                              Sandmoon Stone Bracelet Sandmoon Stone Bracelet
                                                                Bright Green Halter Bright Green Halter
                                                                  Bright Ruffle Dress Bright Ruffle Dress
                                                                    Moonstone Bracelet
                                                                      Amethyst Bracelet
                                                                        Aqua Gathered Dress Aqua Gathered Dress
                                                                          Black Ruffle Top Black Ruffle Top
                                                                            Utah Rock Necklace Utah Rock Necklace
                                                                              Summer Beads Necklace Summer Beads Necklace
                                                                                Gathered Black Dress Gathered Black Dress
                                                                                  Multi Colored Flowy Top Multi Colored Flowy Top
                                                                                    Summer Snake Dress Summer Snake Dress
                                                                                      Green Rock Necklace
                                                                                        Rust Orange Cotton Top Rust Orange Cotton Top
                                                                                          Retro Floral Top Retro Floral Top
                                                                                            Silver Bib Necklace
                                                                                              Multi-Layered Necklace
                                                                                                3/4 Brown Tunic 3/4 Brown Tunic
                                                                                                3/4 Brown Tunic
                                                                                                $42 $39
                                                                                                  Flowy Tank Top Flowy Tank Top
                                                                                                    Floral Halter Top Floral Halter Top
                                                                                                      Hot Pink Lace Top Hot Pink Lace Top
                                                                                                        Hot Pink Hoodie Hot Pink Hoodie
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