Body & Soul Boutique


2430 North Federal Highway, Lighthouse Point, Florida 33064

(954) 942-6446

Body & Soul Boutique is a small neighborhood boutique carrying the latest in fashion trends.  Here you will find a wonderful assortment of unique clothing, accessories, jewelry, gifts, and more!

Best Known For: Contemporary women's clothing

Boutique Owner: Millie Walsh

V-Back Sport Dress V-Back Sport Dress
    Wrap Dress Wrap Dress
    Wrap Dress
      World Henley Nighshirt World Henley Nighshirt
        Ampliia Strapless Top Ampliia Strapless Top
          Andreeva Halter Top Andreeva Halter Top
            Loki Mini Dress Loki Mini Dress
              Heim Split-Neck Top Heim Split-Neck Top
                Capri Thermal Top Capri Thermal Top
                  Alyssa Cowl Top Alyssa Cowl Top
                    Belted Black Jumpsuit Belted Black Jumpsuit
                      Abrigo Tie-Dye Top Abrigo Tie-Dye Top
                        Emma Cowl Tank Emma Cowl Tank
                          Alaia Halter Top Alaia Halter Top
                            Printed Ankle Legging
                              Karma Racerback Tank Karma Racerback Tank
                                Hope Racerback Tank Hope Racerback Tank
                                  Velour Hoodie Set Velour Hoodie Set
                                    Double V Tee Double V Tee
                                      Slub-Rib British Tee
                                        3/4 Sleeve Deep-V 3/4 Sleeve Deep-V
                                          Kimono Wrap Jumpsuit Kimono Wrap Jumpsuit
                                            Foil Anniversary Tee Foil Anniversary Tee
                                              Metallic Python Tank Metallic Python Tank
                                                Cashmere Silk Sweater Cashmere Silk Sweater
                                                  Miracle Melting Snowman Miracle Melting Snowman
                                                    Ombre Dress Set Ombre Dress Set
                                                      Pietro Inset Top Pietro Inset Top
                                                        Amour Vert Shorts
                                                          Cuddle Bug Onesie
                                                            New Serpent Flat
                                                              Snake Flip Flop
                                                                Cross Back Tank Cross Back Tank
                                                                  Convertible Dress/Skirt Convertible Dress/Skirt
                                                                    Tails Skinny Shirt Tails Skinny Shirt
                                                                      Sleeveless Skinny Shirt
                                                                        Black Palazzo Pants Black Palazzo Pants
                                                                          Button-Down Denim Shirt Button-Down Denim Shirt
                                                                            Chadi Python-Printed Maxi Chadi Python-Printed Maxi
                                                                              Crawford Mini Dress Crawford Mini Dress
                                                                                Harsha Silk Top Harsha Silk Top
                                                                                Harsha Silk Top
                                                                                $140 $110
                                                                                  Andreina Sequin Maxi Andreina Sequin Maxi
                                                                                    Ramona Ruffles Top Ramona Ruffles Top
                                                                                      Sky Caesaria Top Sky Caesaria Top
                                                                                        Mesh Banded Top Mesh Banded Top
                                                                                          Striped Knit Sweater Striped Knit Sweater
                                                                                            Violet Long-Sleeve Top Violet Long-Sleeve Top
                                                                                              Layered Crossover Top Layered Crossover Top
                                                                                                Dimrs Nipple Covers
                                                                                                  Josephine Speckled Tee Josephine Speckled Tee
                                                                                                    Rachel Chiffon-Back Top Rachel Chiffon-Back Top
                                                                                                      Fiona Tiered Dress Fiona Tiered Dress
                                                                                                      Fiona Tiered Dress
                                                                                                      $208 $158
                                                                                                        Sheer Hi-Low Tunic Sheer Hi-Low Tunic
                                                                                                        Sheer Hi-Low Tunic
                                                                                                        $130 $100
                                                                                                          Black Pencil Skirt Black Pencil Skirt
                                                                                                            Alena Openback Dress Alena Openback Dress