Bonded Boutique


3724 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

(215) 382-1890 / 267-250-1225

Bonded Boutique offers stylish, elegant, sophisticated, and chic fashions for all women.  Here you will find beautiful statement necklaces, bold dresses, and much more!

Best Known For: Elegant and chic fashions

Boutique Owner: Hanna Jung

Summer Two Piece Set Summer Two Piece Set
    Lace Crop Top Lace Crop Top
      Summer Delight Dress Summer Delight Dress
        White Lace Skirt White Lace Skirt
          Blossom Maxi Dress Blossom Maxi Dress
            Summer Lace Tank Summer Lace Tank
              Floral Wrap Dress Floral Wrap Dress
                Dreams & Dot Top Dreams & Dot Top
                  Classic Silk Tank Classic Silk Tank
                    Chic Skirt Cover Up Chic Skirt Cover Up
                      Boyfriend Vest Boyfriend Vest
                        Blush Braided Top Blush Braided Top
                          Pure Leena Dress Pure Leena Dress
                            Lace Lbd Lace Lbd
                            Lace Lbd
                            $72 $62
                              Bodycon Dress Bodycon Dress
                                Chloe Mint Dress Chloe Mint Dress
                                  Vegan Fur Earmuffs
                                    House Key Holder House Key Holder
                                      Bottle Opener Keyring Bottle Opener Keyring
                                        Scoops Doorstop Scoops Doorstop
                                          Note Book And Pencil Note Book And Pencil
                                            Lychee Flower Lotion
                                              Grace Collection Watch Grace Collection Watch
                                                Classic Oxford Watch Classic Oxford Watch
                                                  Arsenic Lotion Arsenic Lotion
                                                  Arsenic Lotion
                                                  $21 $19.50
                                                    Le Petit Lotion Le Petit Lotion
                                                      Song In D Minor Lotion Song In D Minor Lotion
                                                        Box Blouse Dress Box Blouse Dress
                                                          Printed Dress Printed Dress
                                                          Printed Dress
                                                          $58 $52
                                                            Blue Sky Blouse Blue Sky Blouse
                                                            Blue Sky Blouse
                                                            $56 $42
                                                              Pinstripe Pants Pinstripe Pants
                                                                Black Cocktail dress Black Cocktail dress
                                                                  Midnight Shift Dress Midnight Shift Dress
                                                                    Ballerina Dress Ballerina Dress
                                                                      Blush Feather Top Blush Feather Top
                                                                        Quilted Jacket Quilted Jacket
                                                                          Chunky Textured Cardigan Chunky Textured Cardigan
                                                                            Arcade Knit Sweater Arcade Knit Sweater
                                                                              Cropped Beaded Jacket Cropped Beaded Jacket
                                                                                High Crossover Pants High Crossover Pants
                                                                                  Holiday Ribbon Top Holiday Ribbon Top
                                                                                    Grey Chiffon Vest Grey Chiffon Vest
                                                                                      Navy Glam Skirt Navy Glam Skirt
                                                                                        Autumn Floral Skirt Autumn Floral Skirt
                                                                                          Ivory Lace Dress Ivory Lace Dress
                                                                                          Ivory Lace Dress
                                                                                          $104 $68
                                                                                            Traveler's Printed Maxi Traveler's Printed Maxi
                                                                                              Willa White Strapless Dress Willa White Strapless Dress
                                                                                                Vintage Military Jacket