Confections Boutique & Bags


4701 Charles Pl, Unit 522, Plano, Texas 75093


Deep in the heart of Frisco, Texas, Confections boutique prides itself on one-of-a-kind items that will make you stand-out, even in Texas' fashion capital. 

Best Known For: Women's clothing and accessories

Style Quote: Feminine and beautiful

Boutique Owner: Zahania Davis

Cecilia Romper Cecilia Romper
    Valerie V-Neck Jumpsuit Valerie V-Neck Jumpsuit
      Delilah Lace Dress Delilah Lace Dress
        Lovestruck Peplum Top Lovestruck Peplum Top
          Isla Top Isla Top
          Isla Top
            Feeling Rosy Top Feeling Rosy Top
              Red Cape Blazer Red Cape Blazer
              Red Cape Blazer
              $37 $12.99
                Multi Way Dress Multi Way Dress
                  Black Halter Top Black Halter Top
                    Cigarette Pants Cigarette Pants
                      Embellished Dress Embellished Dress
                        Burgundy Top Burgundy Top
                        Burgundy Top
                        $36 $15.99
                          Mesh Overlay Dress Mesh Overlay Dress
                            Vegan Leather Dress Vegan Leather Dress
                              Crochet Bell Sleeve Tunic Crochet Bell Sleeve Tunic
                                Embellished Tunic Embellished Tunic
                                  Palazzo Pants Palazzo Pants
                                  Palazzo Pants
                                    Floral Beaded Dress Floral Beaded Dress
                                      High Low Top High Low Top
                                        Black Embellished Dress Black Embellished Dress
                                          Leopard Printed Dress Leopard Printed Dress
                                            Pristine Pretty Skirt Pristine Pretty Skirt
                                              White Joggers White Joggers
                                                Knit Pullover Dress Knit Pullover Dress
                                                  Knit Coatigan Knit Coatigan
                                                    Southwest Kimono Southwest Kimono
                                                      Peplum Blazer Peplum Blazer
                                                      Peplum Blazer
                                                        Kimono Blazer Kimono Blazer
                                                        Kimono Blazer
                                                          Mid Rise Skinnies Mid Rise Skinnies
                                                            Royal Blue Jeans Royal Blue Jeans
                                                            Royal Blue Jeans
                                                            $32 $19.99
                                                              Suede Peplum Top Suede Peplum Top
                                                                Red Jeggings Red Jeggings
                                                                Red Jeggings
                                                                $21.99 $12.99
                                                                  Legal Jumpsuit Legal Jumpsuit
                                                                    Wild Hearts Dress Wild Hearts Dress
                                                                      Floral Crochet Dress Floral Crochet Dress
                                                                        Which Dress Which Dress
                                                                        Which Dress
                                                                        $65 $59
                                                                          Linked Dress Linked Dress
                                                                            Silver Multi Clutch