Gaia Boutique


28 Bruce Street, Thornbury, Ontario N0h 1P0


Gaia Boutique's goal is to make sure all women, no matter their size, find the right clothing to reflect their inner goddess.

Best Known For: Beautiful, eco-friendly fashion

Tunic Turtleneck Dress Tunic Turtleneck Dress
    Fringe Sweater Fringe Sweater
      Floral Print Pants Floral Print Pants
        Maidenhair Fern Dress Maidenhair Fern Dress
          Lucy Cardigan Lucy Cardigan
            Daffodil Hoodie
              Chiffon Jacket
                Pull On Dress Pants Pull On Dress Pants
                  Global Design Jacket
                    Hooded Duster
                      Jackie Jacket
                        Layered Top
                          Perfect Tunic
                            Floral Blouse
                              Plaid Blouse
                                Long Lapel Cardigan Long Lapel Cardigan
                                  Black Pencil Skirt Black Pencil Skirt
                                    Circle Sweater
                                    Circle Sweater
                                    $105 $93
                                      Cowl Sleeveless Tunic Cowl Sleeveless Tunic