San Francisco

22 Peace Plaza, #511, San Francisco, California 94115

(415) 567-9233

HarajukuSF features a unique collection of women's clothing designs from Europe and Asia, especially edgy options for dress-up and casual occasions.

Best Known For: European Designer Clothing

Boutique Owner: Kengi

Drape Dress Drape Dress
    Sheer Dot Overlay Dress Sheer Dot Overlay Dress
      Twisted Mini Dress Twisted Mini Dress
        Purple Maxi Dress Purple Maxi Dress
          Festival Mini Skirt Festival Mini Skirt
            Red Dress Red Dress
            Red Dress
              Filo Top Filo Top
              Filo Top
                Paquita Dress Paquita Dress
                  Pink Dress Pink Dress
                  Pink Dress
                  $112 $50
                    Italian Kintwear Dress