6121 W. Park Blvd, Suite A220, Plano, Texas 75093


JChronicles is an up-and-rising new brand of country-western fashions and accessories located in the beautiful Plano, Texas area.

Best Known For: Country-western-chic fashion accessory and clothing

Lace Up V Neck Top Lace Up V Neck Top
    Cross Toggle Bracelet Cross Toggle Bracelet
      Oversized Tunic Dress Oversized Tunic Dress
        Sleeveless Checkered Tunic Sleeveless Checkered Tunic
          Cold Shoulder Top Cold Shoulder Top
            Knit Open Shoulder Sweater Knit Open Shoulder Sweater
              Open Shoulder Button Top Open Shoulder Button Top
                Sleeveless Lace Vest Sleeveless Lace Vest
                  Solid Baby-Doll Dress Solid Baby-Doll Dress
                    Shaggy Sweater Cardigan Shaggy Sweater Cardigan
                      Laced Open Shoulder Laced Open Shoulder
                        Long Body Top Long Body Top
                        Long Body Top
                          Crochet Off-Shoulder Top Crochet Off-Shoulder Top
                            Ruffled Off-Shoulder Top
                              Pine Corn Earring Pine Corn Earring
                                Turquoise Cross Necklace
                                  Printed Striped Tunic Printed Striped Tunic
                                    Floral Babydoll Dress Floral Babydoll Dress
                                      Lace Capri Pants Lace Capri Pants
                                        Mixed Tank Tunic Mixed Tank Tunic
                                          Chiffon Strapped Dress Chiffon Strapped Dress
                                            Lace Cold-Shoulder Top Lace Cold-Shoulder Top
                                              Open Shoulder Dress Open Shoulder Dress
                                                Off Shoulder Top Off Shoulder Top
                                                  Cloud Flyaway Tunic Cloud Flyaway Tunic
                                                    Crinkle Woven Cami Crinkle Woven Cami
                                                      All Lace Tunic All Lace Tunic
                                                        Relexed Fit Dress
                                                          Sleeveless Embroidery Dress Sleeveless Embroidery Dress
                                                            Deep-V Tee Dress
                                                              Cami Maxi Dress Cami Maxi Dress
                                                                Crinkle Ruffle Shorts Crinkle Ruffle Shorts
                                                                Crinkle Ruffle Shorts
                                                                $34.99 $29.99
                                                                  Sheer Sleeveless Top
                                                                    Lace Racerback  Bralette Lace Racerback  Bralette
                                                                      Trumpet Sleeve Dress Trumpet Sleeve Dress
                                                                        A Line Top A Line Top
                                                                        A Line Top
                                                                          Ruffled Tunic Dress Ruffled Tunic Dress
                                                                            Knit Top Dress Knit Top Dress
                                                                              Nightout Girls Dress Nightout Girls Dress
                                                                                Crochet Tieback Dress Crochet Tieback Dress
                                                                                  Knit Trapeze Dress Knit Trapeze Dress
                                                                                    Lace Swing Dress Lace Swing Dress
                                                                                      Lace Ruffle Tunic Lace Ruffle Tunic
                                                                                        Lace Detail Vest Lace Detail Vest
                                                                                          Crochet Vest Tunic Crochet Vest Tunic
                                                                                            Double Ruffle Top Double Ruffle Top
                                                                                            Double Ruffle Top
                                                                                            $29.99 $26.99
                                                                                              Double Ruffle Top Double Ruffle Top
                                                                                              Double Ruffle Top
                                                                                              $29.99 $26.99
                                                                                                Geometic Tunic Top Geometic Tunic Top
                                                                                                  Color Handkerchief Tunic Color Handkerchief Tunic