Lulu Burgess

South Carolina

917 Bay Street Suite E., Beaufort, South Carolina 29902

(843) 524-5858

Globe-skipping owner, Lulu, travels the world to find the best goodies to sell to her loyal customer base. Need the perfect hostess gift? The ideal present for your persnickety Aunt Millie? Lulu has you covered!

Best Known For: Shiny goodies from around the world

Boutique Owner: Nan Sutton

Hate Everyone Socks
    Carpe Diem Socks
      Get Things Done Socks
        Fish Corkscrew
          Random Crap Pouch Random Crap Pouch
            First Aid Pouch
              Random Crap Bag Random Crap Bag
                Roman Candles Roman Candles
                  Manatea Tea Infuser Manatea Tea Infuser
                    Boho Bandeau Turquoise
                      Ostrich Socks
                      Ostrich Socks
                        Bitch Socks
                        Bitch Socks
                          Compact Caution Mirror Compact Caution Mirror
                            Pack This Pad
                              Pine Tree Candle
                                Coin Purse
                                  Dog Hair Dishtowel
                                    Prayer Box Kneel Prayer Box Kneel
                                      Avocado Soap
                                      Avocado Soap
                                        Coin Pearl Earrings
                                          To Do/Buy Pad
                                            To Do Pad To Do Pad
                                            To Do Pad
                                              Key Chain Behaved
                                                Wedding Forks Wedding Forks
                                                  Mini Tray Disorderly Mini Tray Disorderly
                                                    Dish Towel Wine
                                                      Dish Towel Omg
                                                        Wtf Desktop Pad Wtf Desktop Pad
                                                          Fifty Farts Cards Fifty Farts Cards
                                                            Mermaid Shower Cap
                                                              Paisley Shower Cap
                                                                Woodland Bunny
                                                                  Bashful Monkey
                                                                    Sea Salt Soap Sea Salt Soap
                                                                      Airmail Zipper Pouch
                                                                        Teak Candle
                                                                          Clean Crisp White
                                                                            Red Currant Candle