Melene Kent Jewels


13 Lowland Farm Rd., Essex, Massachusetts 01929

(617) 515-1451

Melene Kent Jewels is a handmade, curated collection which incorporates mixed metals and unique textures. MKJ has a sophisticated rocker chic vibe, putting an edgy spin on classic looks.

Best Known For: Women's jewelry & accessories

Boutique Owner: Christie Melene Kent

Noir Agate Horn Necklace Noir Agate Horn Necklace
    Pyrite Necklace Pyrite Necklace
      Triangular Pave Necklace Triangular Pave Necklace
        Silver Clarity Necklace Silver Clarity Necklace
          Seahorse Necklace Seahorse Necklace
            Heshi Bracelet Heshi Bracelet
              Silver Angular Hoops
                Brass Bar Bangle Brass Bar Bangle
                  Stick Earrings
                    Gold Wishbone Necklace Gold Wishbone Necklace
                      Bronze Dagger Necklace Bronze Dagger Necklace
                        Pave Wishbone Necklace Pave Wishbone Necklace
                          Evil Eye Necklace Evil Eye Necklace
                            Classic Cuff Classic Cuff
                              Lucy Point Necklace Lucy Point Necklace
                                Gold Pave Spike Necklace Gold Pave Spike Necklace
                                  Petite Luna Necklace Petite Luna Necklace
                                    Clarity Necklace Clarity Necklace
                                      Kismet Custom  Necklace Kismet Custom  Necklace
                                        Lakshmi Custom Necklace Lakshmi Custom Necklace
                                          Latitude Necklace Latitude Necklace
                                            Silver Stone Necklace Silver Stone Necklace
                                              Octopi Necklace Octopi Necklace
                                                Bolt Trio Rings
                                                  Karma Bracelet Karma Bracelet
                                                    Bar Bangle Bar Bangle
                                                      Chyroprase Daggar Chyroprase Daggar
                                                        Lapis Lazuli Daggar Lapis Lazuli Daggar
                                                          Chalcedony Daggar Chalcedony Daggar
                                                            Silver Mirage Ring
                                                              Gold Petite Spike Cuff Gold Petite Spike Cuff
                                                                Horn Necklace Horn Necklace
                                                                  Custom Necklace
                                                                    Rock and Roll Necklace
                                                                      Goldie Skullie Necklace
                                                                        Gustavia Necklace
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