Olive and Bette's

New York City

252 Columbus Avenue, New York City, New York 10023

(646) 613-8772

Olive and Bette’s is the ultimate closet: fun yet sophisticated; chic yet approachable. Discover the spot New Yorkers have loved for years. 

Best Known For: Fun clothing pieces

Boutique Owner: Stacey Pecor

Liz Romper Liz Romper
Liz Romper
    Farrah Skinny Farrah Skinny
      Distressed Tee Distressed Tee
        The Hustle Tee The Hustle Tee
          Devi Romper Devi Romper
            California Tank California Tank
              Pocket Tee Pocket Tee
                Modal Pocket Tee Modal Pocket Tee
                  Happy Hour Dress Happy Hour Dress
                    Drape Back Dress Drape Back Dress
                      Valentina Dress Valentina Dress
                        Freebird Legging Freebird Legging
                          Awesome Baggies Awesome Baggies
                            Tamra Blouse Tamra Blouse
                              Hunter Top Hunter Top
                              Hunter Top
                                Beachcomber Dress Beachcomber Dress
                                  Lace Trim Dress Lace Trim Dress
                                    Daria B Dress Daria B Dress
                                      Daria Long Sleeve Tee Daria Long Sleeve Tee
                                        Destroyed Shorty Shorts Destroyed Shorty Shorts
                                          Patty Destroyed Jeans Patty Destroyed Jeans
                                            Brooklyn V Tee Brooklyn V Tee
                                              Liquid Metal Legging Liquid Metal Legging
                                                Legging Jean Legging Jean
                                                  Layered V-Neck Layered V-Neck
                                                    Supima Tee Supima Tee
                                                      Criss Cross Back Top Criss Cross Back Top
                                                        Kiss Vintage Sweatpants Kiss Vintage Sweatpants
                                                          Spring Rib Drape Cardi Spring Rib Drape Cardi
                                                            Palm Sweatpants Palm Sweatpants
                                                              Mini Palm Tee Mini Palm Tee
                                                                Park Skinny Jeans Park Skinny Jeans
                                                                  Open Stitch Pullover Open Stitch Pullover
                                                                    Ankle Legging Ankle Legging
                                                                      Merlot Tee Merlot Tee
                                                                        Bonnie Short Bonnie Short
                                                                          Syd Blouse Syd Blouse
                                                                          Syd Blouse
                                                                            Legging Ankle Legging Ankle
                                                                              Dajon Slacks Dajon Slacks
                                                                                Stilt Crop Skinny Jean Stilt Crop Skinny Jean
                                                                                  Black Ankle Skinnies Black Ankle Skinnies
                                                                                    Dylans Candy Leggings Dylans Candy Leggings
                                                                                      Orfilia C Sweater Orfilia C Sweater
                                                                                        ACE Utility Jeans ACE Utility Jeans
                                                                                          Purine Top Purine Top
                                                                                          Purine Top
                                                                                            The Prima Contour The Prima Contour
                                                                                              Skinny Metallic Tank Skinny Metallic Tank
                                                                                                Long Sleeve U-Neck Long Sleeve U-Neck
                                                                                                  Raw V-Neck Top Raw V-Neck Top
                                                                                                    Prima Sateen Prima Sateen