On U Jewelry


6802 Patterson, Richmond, Virginia 23226

(804) 288-1587

Each piece from On U Jewelry is meticulously created with fascinating knots, colors, contrasts from antique, vintage, even ancient, buttons, trinkets, claws, mati, amulets and coins. So with each piece, you'll be wearing a bit of the world!

Best Known For: Meticulously created one-of-a-kind jewelry

Boutique Owner: Donna Silvestri

Knot Just Pearls
    Crystal Blue Persuasion Crystal Blue Persuasion
      Turq Cuff Gatsby
        Blue Belle Necklace Blue Belle Necklace
          Why Knot Necklace
            Thai Silver Necklace Thai Silver Necklace
              Charmed Life Bracelet
                Silver Buddha Earrings
                  Double Trouble Earrings
                    Chain Reaction Earrings
                      Mix Gatsby Bracelet
                        Jet Cuff Gatsby