Plain Jane Gifts


270 Doug Baker Blvd, Suite 600, Birmingham, Alabama 35242

(205) 991-1995

Plain Jane Gifts features women's and kid's gifts and accessories.

Best Known For: Where Nothing Is Ever Plain

Boutique Owner: Rosemary

Floral Keyhole Plus Top
    Washed Sharkbite Top
      Happy Fall Towel
        Pumpkin Legs Towel
          Geneva Vest
            Miss Daisy Doggie Bag Miss Daisy Doggie Bag
              Nautical Whale Towel
                Cozy Footsie Socks
                  Cozy Slipper Socks
                    Nautical Crab Towel
                      Cake Smashing Kid Set
                        Gator Snap-Mouth Bib Gator Snap-Mouth Bib
                          Nautical Towel Nautical Towel
                            Ballerina Bib Set
                              Rose Bib
                              Rose Bib
                                Emergency Escape Hammer
                                  Doggie Bag Doggie Bag
                                    Doggie Bag Doggie Bag
                                      Flip-Flop Foot Repair Flip-Flop Foot Repair
                                        Doggie Bag Doggie Bag
                                          Freshlinen Hand Lotion
                                            Freshlinen Hand Wash
                                              Freshlinen Body Wash
                                                Cashmere Linen Mist
                                                  Cashmere Hand Wash
                                                    Lavender Hand Repair
                                                      Gingerlime Hand Repair
                                                        Live Lake Towel
                                                          Boy Feeding Set
                                                            Boy Monthly Ties Boy Monthly Ties
                                                              Girl Milestone Stickers
                                                                Boy Milestone Stickers Boy Milestone Stickers
                                                                  Girl Monthly  Stickers Girl Monthly  Stickers
                                                                    Chiffon Rosette Bib Chiffon Rosette Bib