1116A Main St., Branford, Connecticut 06405

(203) 481-0888

Polished Boutique is a catch all for beautiful pieces for the contemporary woman who has a love for fashion and an appreciation for unique finds, and consistently ensuring that both style and quality are the first concerns of the brands that they carry.

Best Known For: Young women's clothing, accessories and jewelry

Style Quote: Style is a personal reflection- a self-expression of who you are through fashion

Boutique Owner: Lisa Feniola

Belle Of The Ball Dress Belle Of The Ball Dress
    Crochet Bra Top Crochet Bra Top
      Coral Tulip Dress Coral Tulip Dress
        Racerfront Peplum Top Racerfront Peplum Top
          Grey Vixen Dress Grey Vixen Dress
            Turquoise Crochet Babydoll Turquoise Crochet Babydoll
              Laced Sleeve Blouse Laced Sleeve Blouse
                High Noon Shorts High Noon Shorts
                  Pinky Girl Top
                    Ombre Summer Dress Ombre Summer Dress
                      Midnight Love Affair LBD Midnight Love Affair LBD
                        Pretty In Pink Dress
                          Bridal Bliss Dress
                            Crossbow Maxi Crossbow Maxi
                            Crossbow Maxi
                              Multicolor Flower Romper Multicolor Flower Romper
                                Candy Plaid Dress Candy Plaid Dress
                                Candy Plaid Dress
                                $49.99 $39.99
                                  Lace Bandeau Lace Bandeau
                                    Basic Cami
                                      Leatherette Mini Leatherette Mini
                                      Leatherette Mini
                                      $42.99 $29.99
                                        Knit Infinity Scarf Knit Infinity Scarf
                                        Knit Infinity Scarf
                                        $30 $22.99
                                          Nicky Dress Nicky Dress
                                          Nicky Dress