946 Island Hwy, Campbell River, British Columbia V9W 2C3

(250) 287-7747

Ragdolz is Campbell River's trendiest clothing store. Come check out all the latest fashions.

Best Known For: Women's Clothing and Accessories

Boutique Owner: Brenda and Tammy

Swingy Flirty Dress Swingy Flirty Dress
    Hip Vegan Backpack Hip Vegan Backpack
      Vibrant Smock Dress Vibrant Smock Dress
        Paisley Flirty Midi Paisley Flirty Midi
          Printed Dress Printed Dress
            Now Or Never Dress Now Or Never Dress
              Cozy Cardigan Cozy Cardigan
                Hooded Pullover Baja Hooded Pullover Baja
                  Velvet Bodycon Dress Velvet Bodycon Dress
                    Long Sleeve Top Long Sleeve Top
                      Light Denim Jacket Light Denim Jacket
                        Classy Patterned Jacket Classy Patterned Jacket
                          Fresh Swingy Dress Fresh Swingy Dress
                            Breezy Fall Sweater Breezy Fall Sweater
                              Bucket Bag Bucket Bag
                              Bucket Bag
                                Dahlia Print Top Dahlia Print Top
                                  Burgandy Sateen Jeans Burgandy Sateen Jeans
                                    Classic Grey Jacket Classic Grey Jacket
                                      Chic Flirty Dress Chic Flirty Dress
                                        Lance Tank Dress Lance Tank Dress
                                          Basic Black Duster Basic Black Duster
                                            Empire Mini Dress Empire Mini Dress
                                              Rolled Up Chinos Rolled Up Chinos
                                                Relaxed Ruffle Sleeve Relaxed Ruffle Sleeve
                                                  Flowy Delicate Pleats Flowy Delicate Pleats
                                                    Classy Flirty Dress Classy Flirty Dress
                                                      Blush Mac Coat
                                                        70's Inspired Maxi
                                                          Fiery Flowy Dress Fiery Flowy Dress
                                                            Double Dare Sweater Double Dare Sweater
                                                              Vibrant Skirt
                                                                Future Divide Dress Future Divide Dress
                                                                  Little Bloom Maxi Dress Little Bloom Maxi Dress
                                                                    Pink Luxe Tee Pink Luxe Tee
                                                                      Cool Beachy Stripe Pants Cool Beachy Stripe Pants
                                                                        Long Sleeve Crop Top Long Sleeve Crop Top
                                                                          Grey Lace Skirt Grey Lace Skirt
                                                                            Letti Sequin Tank Letti Sequin Tank
                                                                              Vegan Leather Joggers
                                                                                Nadia Skirt Nadia Skirt
                                                                                  Misty Rose Stripe Cardi Misty Rose Stripe Cardi
                                                                                    Luxurious Dress Luxurious Dress
                                                                                      Shimmery Snake Print
                                                                                        Super Soft Sweater Super Soft Sweater
                                                                                          Moonlight Dress Moonlight Dress
                                                                                            Relax Me Sweater Relax Me Sweater
                                                                                              Sassy Sequins Dress Sassy Sequins Dress
                                                                                                Elegant Shirred Dress
                                                                                                  Sassy Floral Dress