Second Star to the Right Gift Store


644 King St E, Cambridge, Ontario N3H 3N6

Shabby chic meets elegance. This little boutique houses one of a kind gifts and pieces.

Best Known For: Gifts, Jewelry & Accessories

Boutique Owner: Rachel Baril

Mommy Fuel Mug
    Girl Mug
    Girl Mug
      She Designed Mug
        Boss Lady Mug Boss Lady Mug
          I Woke Up Mug I Woke Up Mug
            Print Art
            Print Art
              Boss Lady Tumbler Boss Lady Tumbler
                Mommy Fuel Tumbler Mommy Fuel Tumbler
                  Travel Mug Travel Mug
                    Infinite Love Bangle Infinite Love Bangle
                      Flameless Candle Small
                        Flameless Candle Medium
                          Flameless Candle Large
                            Rainbow Aqua Wrap
                              Rainbow Black Wrap
                                Rainbow Purple Wrap
                                  Sun Purple Bangle
                                    Twilight Gold Bangle
                                      Twilight Blue Bangle
                                        Twilight Crystal Bangle
                                          Ether Jet Bangle
                                            Ether Red Bangle Ether Red Bangle
                                              Cherry Berry Jewelpop
                                                Times Square Jewelpop
                                                  Grape Slice Jewelpop
                                                    Tickled Pink Jewelpop
                                                      Ebony Sparkle Jewelpop
                                                        Best Times Earrings Best Times Earrings
                                                          Initial V Bangle
                                                            Initial T Bangle
                                                              Initial S Bangle
                                                                Initial R Bangle
                                                                  Initial P Bangle
                                                                    Initial O Bangle
                                                                      Initial N Bangle
                                                                        Initial M Bangle
                                                                          Initial L Bangle
                                                                            Initial J Bangle
                                                                              Initial I Bangle
                                                                                Initial H Bangle
                                                                                  Initial G Bangle
                                                                                    Initial F Bangle
                                                                                      Initial E Bangle
                                                                                        Initial D Bangle
                                                                                          Initial C Bangle
                                                                                            Initial B Bangle
                                                                                              Initial A Bangle
                                                                                                Earthly Essence Candle
                                                                                                  Earthly Essence Candle
                                                                                                    Minx Ear Jackets Minx Ear Jackets
                                                                                                      Luna Ear Jackets Luna Ear Jackets
                                                                                                        Gardenia Ear Jackets Gardenia Ear Jackets
                                                                                                          Jasper Ear Jackets Jasper Ear Jackets
                                                                                                            Actually I Can Vinyls
                                                                                                              White Crystal Bangle
                                                                                                                Turquoise Bangle
                                                                                                                  Cloudy Quartz Bangle
                                                                                                                    Botswana Agli Bangle
                                                                                                                      Black Onyx Bangle
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