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Best Known For: Well priced Canadian made fashions

Boutique Owner: TJ Wallis

Faux Suede Sweater Faux Suede Sweater
    Palm Turquoise Tunic Palm Turquoise Tunic
      Crinkle Overlay Top Crinkle Overlay Top
        Modern Art Tunic
          Mesh Overlay Tunic
            Animal Print Tunic
              Faux-Suede Fringe Top
                Graphic Bridge Tunic
                  Denim Jacket Denim Jacket
                    Blue Tank Blue Tank
                    Blue Tank
                      Versatile Ruffle Tunic Versatile Ruffle Tunic
                        Sporty Keyhole Tank Sporty Keyhole Tank
                          Jasmine Palm Dress Jasmine Palm Dress
                            Cap Sleeve Printed Dress Cap Sleeve Printed Dress
                              Scarlet Flared Midi Dress
                                Diagonal Stripe Skirt
                                  Retro Tye-Dye Skirt
                                    Shark-Tail Summer Top Shark-Tail Summer Top
                                      Versatile Purple Dress
                                        Animal Print Dress Animal Print Dress
                                          Front Pleat Dress
                                            Pink Striped Tee
                                              Blue Taupe Ruffles
                                                Classic Floral Dress Classic Floral Dress
                                                  Indigo Border Dress
                                                    Bold Floral Dress
                                                      Lucy Short-Sleeve Tunic Lucy Short-Sleeve Tunic
                                                        Velvet Lace Tunic
                                                        Velvet Lace Tunic
                                                        $149 $118
                                                          Zebra Wood Handbag Zebra Wood Handbag
                                                            Natural Wood Bag Natural Wood Bag
                                                              Sleeveless Pocket Tunic
                                                                Nautical Themed T-Shirt Nautical Themed T-Shirt
                                                                  Elegant Bling Dress
                                                                    Knot Front Tunic
                                                                      Denim Look Maxi Denim Look Maxi
                                                                        Woven Flared Skirt
                                                                          Safari Lace Tunic
                                                                          Safari Lace Tunic
                                                                          $148 $101
                                                                            Coral Floral Tunic
                                                                              Periwinkle Drape Tunic Periwinkle Drape Tunic
                                                                                Ruffle Dress Ruffle Dress
                                                                                  Lace Inset Dress Lace Inset Dress
                                                                                  Lace Inset Dress
                                                                                  $180 $79
                                                                                    Denim Dress Denim Dress
                                                                                      Printed Drawstring Pant Printed Drawstring Pant
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