Texas Beach Boutique


20631 Cliff Park, San Antonio, Texas 78258


We specialize in "LOVE IT" moments! Expect to be stopped in our unique and versatile pieces. We're happy to be your fashion secret!

Best Known For: Easy, breezy, versatile and fun!

Boutique Owner: Dana Comstock-Benzick and Julianna Comstock

Red Plaid Cover Red Plaid Cover
    Popover Plaid Tunic Popover Plaid Tunic
      Coral Crochet Dress Coral Crochet Dress
        Chic And Breezy Dress Chic And Breezy Dress
          Fringed Sheer Kimono Fringed Sheer Kimono
            Sunflower Boho Top Sunflower Boho Top
              Dawson's Paisley Dress Dawson's Paisley Dress
                Fall Inspired Romper Fall Inspired Romper
                  Greek Goddess Clutch Greek Goddess Clutch
                    The Diana Tank The Diana Tank
                      Navy Palazzo Pants Navy Palazzo Pants
                        Dreamy Lace Overlay Top Dreamy Lace Overlay Top
                          Greek Goddess Dress Greek Goddess Dress
                            Sage Slip Dress Sage Slip Dress
                              Fairy Tale Lace Cover Fairy Tale Lace Cover
                                Navy Jumpsuit Navy Jumpsuit
                                  Sweater Lace Dress Sweater Lace Dress
                                    Bell Sleeved Romper Bell Sleeved Romper
                                      Crisscross Plaid Top Crisscross Plaid Top
                                        Lace Slip Dress
                                          Lace Up Tunic Lace Up Tunic
                                            Strapless Mauve Top Strapless Mauve Top
                                              Tribal Tassel Dress Tribal Tassel Dress
                                                Light Denim Dress Light Denim Dress
                                                  Striped Tassel Dress Striped Tassel Dress
                                                    Your Favorite Top Your Favorite Top
                                                      Burgundy Plaid Tunic Burgundy Plaid Tunic
                                                        Boho Tassel Dress Boho Tassel Dress
                                                          Paisley Printed Tank Paisley Printed Tank
                                                            Flutter Sleeve Dress Flutter Sleeve Dress
                                                              Texas Embroidery Top Texas Embroidery Top
                                                                She's a Brick House Top She's a Brick House Top
                                                                  Plaid Lace Tunic Plaid Lace Tunic
                                                                    Gun Powder Crop Gun Powder Crop
                                                                      Boho-Maxi Short Set Boho-Maxi Short Set
                                                                        Floral Maxi Floral Maxi
                                                                          Rose Romper Rose Romper
                                                                            Sheer Dot Overlay Dress Sheer Dot Overlay Dress
                                                                              Red Cold Shoulder Dress Red Cold Shoulder Dress
                                                                                Midnight Dream Palazzos Midnight Dream Palazzos
                                                                                  Ocean Escape Palazzos Ocean Escape Palazzos
                                                                                    Three Way Top Three Way Top
                                                                                      Pink Lace Tunic Pink Lace Tunic
                                                                                        Little Black Jumpsuit Little Black Jumpsuit
                                                                                          Sage Shift Dress Sage Shift Dress
                                                                                            Pretty In Pink Dress Pretty In Pink Dress
                                                                                              Purple Paisley Dress Purple Paisley Dress
                                                                                                Tie Dye Dress Tie Dye Dress
                                                                                                  Paisley Green Romper Paisley Green Romper
                                                                                                    Boho Flower Power Boho Flower Power
                                                                                                      High-low Dress High-low Dress
                                                                                                        Red Paisley Palazzos Red Paisley Palazzos
                                                                                                          Summer Fun Palazzos Summer Fun Palazzos
                                                                                                            Lace Loose Tunic Lace Loose Tunic
                                                                                                              Off Shoulder Jumsuit Off Shoulder Jumsuit
                                                                                                                Floral Lace Dress Floral Lace Dress
                                                                                                                  Sleeveless Lace Dress Sleeveless Lace Dress
                                                                                                                    Hooded Lace Top Hooded Lace Top
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