The Perfect Gift


16460 SW Langer Dr, Sherwood, Oregon 97140

(503) 625-5907

The Perfect Gift is Sherwood's newest card and gift boutique. With a great mix of items, you'll be able to find The Perfect Gift for everyone on your list.

Best Known For: its wonderful selection of gifts, jewelry and fashion accessories

Boutique Owner: Michael

Reese Handbag
    Pauline Crossbody
      Jenna Tote
      Jenna Tote
      • +
        Donna Sharp Heather
          Donna Sharp Elaina
            Becki Cross Body
              Magic Pantz
              Magic Pantz
                Chala Big Tote Chala Big Tote
                  Football Season Sign
                    Chala Hobo Crossbody
                      Chala Hobo Crossbody
                        Chala Hobo Crossbody
                          Chala Carryall Tote
                            Chala Pocket Tote
                              Chala Striped Tote Chala Striped Tote
                                Chala Striped Tote Chala Striped Tote
                                  Chala Carry All Tote
                                    You're Pawsome Pillow You're Pawsome Pillow
                                      Cat's Meow Pillow Cat's Meow Pillow
                                        Charming Hobo Crossbody Charming Hobo Crossbody
                                          Patch Crossbody Patch Crossbody
                                            Chala Patch Crossbody
                                              Chala Swing Bag
                                                Chala Swing Bag
                                                  Messenger Bag
                                                  Messenger Bag
                                                    Three-Zipper Crossbody
                                                      Willow Tree Blessings
                                                        Angel Of Hope
                                                        Angel Of Hope
                                                          Wilowtree Guardian Angel Wilowtree Guardian Angel
                                                            Chala Gemini Bag Chala Gemini Bag
                                                              Willowtree Beautiful Wishes Willowtree Beautiful Wishes
                                                                My Sister/my Friend My Sister/my Friend
                                                                  Willowtree Our Gift
                                                                    Willowtree Thank You Willowtree Thank You
                                                                      Willowtree Mother Daughter Willowtree Mother Daughter
                                                                        Willow Tree Grandmother
                                                                          Willow Tree Shine Willow Tree Shine
                                                                            Willowtree Angel-Of-Mine
                                                                              Willowtree Mother & Son
                                                                                Willow Tree Quietly
                                                                                  Angel Of Friendship
                                                                                    Hobo Bagg Hobo Bagg
                                                                                    Hobo Bagg
                                                                                      Belfast Crossbody Bagg
                                                                                        Dream Big Pillow